Kavkaz-2020 concludes in Russia

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday – September 29, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): The inspection teams from Germany and Denmark observed the progress of the manoeuvres in “Kavkaz-2020,” from September 21st to 26th, in Russian territory within the framework of the Vienna document on confidence-and security-building measures.

According to official statements on Monday, the Kavkaz-2020 exercise was held in the Southern Military District (SMD) and in the Black and Caspian seas under the leadership of the Russian armed forces’ chief of the general staff, general of the army, Valery Gerasimov.

About 80 thousand people took part in them, including employees of the ministry of emergency situations and national guard, as well as up to one thousand military personnel from 6 foreign countries — Armenia, Belarus, China, Iran, Myanmar and Pakistan.

In the course of their work, foreign inspectors received briefings from the command of military formations and units located within the areas designated for inspection, containing information about the structure, tasks of units and their military activities.

In addition, the foreign inspectors were informed about the participation of Russian military personnel in the exercise and the tasks they were solving together with the military personnel of the armed forces of Armenia, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Myanmar, China, and Pakistan.

The inspectors were also given the opportunity to observe the practical activities of the troops at the military ranges of the SMD: “Kapustin Yar,” “Prudboy” and “Ashuluk” and made helicopter flights of the inspected areas.

During the briefings and during the inspections, the inspectors had the opportunity to ask questions, to which, in a spirit of openness, the Russian escorts provided detailed answers.

Following the results of the inspection activities, the heads of the foreign inspection teams, lieutenant colonel Andreas Walter Kreutner of Germany and lieutenant colonel Hjort Jens Erik of Denmark, noted that, in the opinion of the inspectors, the Russian Federation has fully fulfilled its obligations under the 2011 Vienna document on confidence-and security-building measures, thereby demonstrating its commitment to fulfilling its international obligations in the field of arms control.

In addition, at the same time (September 21-25, 2020) a joint mission of Germany, France and Romania on a Romanian An-30 observation plane performed an observation flight over the territory of the Russian Federation.

The observation flight consisted of four sections with a total range of more than 5,000 kilometres (kms).

The joint mission expressed its gratitude for the professionalism of the Russian support team in an official document – the report on the observation flight.