Javed Sheikh: One man’s story – E.5 (last)

By Anis Shakur
Saturday - December 30, 2017
ISLAMABAD: In reality, it was the team work of a dedicated movie crew, which made his films a huge success. Virtual inclusion of finer feelings played a decisive role in the success of the three films below:

Director Altaf Husain’s film ‘Hum naheen ya tum naheen’, with Neeli.

Director Syed Noor’s film ‘Jeewa’ with Resham.

Director Syed Noor’s film ‘Uqaboan ka nasheman.’

Moviegoers have been watching him for a while. He became etched in their minds in the three films below:

Director Sangeeta’s film ‘Sahab bibi aur tawaif.’

Director Iqbal Kashmiri’s film ‘Mohallat’.

Director Javed Fazil’s film ‘Aag he Aag.’

Javed Sheikh did a series of outstanding movies and his popularity continued to grow. He also showed a knack for tapping into the moods of the times with movies such as the three below:

Director Javed Fazil’s movie ‘Ustadoan ka ustaad.’

Director Nazar-ul-Islam Dada’s movie ‘Madam Bawry.’

Director Pervez Malik’s movie ‘Ghareboan ka Badshah.’

His superb voice, good looks and impressive style in films appealed to the masses. The vibrancy of his profound presentation in the three films below brought laurels from everywhere:

Director Zafar Shabab’s film ‘Saas meri saheli.’

Director Jamshed Naqui’s film ‘Hum say na takrana.’

Director Zahid Shah’s film ‘Choroan ka dushman.’

Nowadays, Javed Sheikh has become the defining voice for quality films and excellence in movie production. An adept actor, he worked in the three films below with confidence and ease: Director Shahid Rana’s film ‘Lahori Badmash.’ Director Zahoor Husain Geelani’s film ‘Badmash thug.’ Director Masood Butt’s film ‘Khuda gawah.’

Pakistani cinema’s hero, Javed Sheikh, is a man, whose characters in movies express his aspiration toward taste and sophistication. Below are three examples:

Director Javed Fazil’s film ‘Zamana.’

Director Mumtaz Ali Khan’s film ‘Ilaqa ghair.’

Director Javed Fazil’s film ‘Mala kharo’, Sindhi version of the Punjabi film ‘Akhara.’

Having attained his ambition as an actor, Javed Sheikh moved on to another realm, direction. He was really tuned into the rhythm of this particular genre—direction. All through these times, his admirers knew that Javed Sheikh is more than an actor.

A director, producer, and a famous television artist, he has put his stamp on several movies and television plays in his remarkable career that still flourishes to this day.

Below are six movies, which were directed by Javed Sheikh:

The hit films ‘Mushkil’, ‘Chief Sahab’, ‘Yes Boss’, ‘Kaheen pyar na ho jaye’, ‘Mujhay jeenay do.’

In the film ‘Ye dil Aap ka hua’, the cast includes Saleem Sheikh- Moammar- Sana. The movie is based on the grand theme of love.

Javed Sheikh directed the film ‘Khulay Aasmaan kay neechay.’ He has filled his movies with characters, which have become Pakistani entertainment icons. His entire life is filled with challenges.

Javed Sheikh’s younger brother, Saleem Sheikh, occasionally appears in the Pakistani films and television as an artist. Further, Behroze Sabswari is the brother-in-law of Javed Sheikh.

In 2005, Javed played Srinath Vardhan in the Indian movie, ‘Shikhar,’ in the genuine Javed Sheikh style! Likewise, Javed appeared as Priya’s dad in the 2006 Indian movie’Jaan-e-mun.’

Similarly, Javed was successfully dubbed as Pervez Khan in the 2007 Indian movie ‘Namaste London.’ Javed’s role as Abu Ibrahim in the 2008 Indian movie ‘Jannat,’ is praiseworthy as well.

Javed Sheikh’s most telling accomplishment is reflected in the six movies below, which earned him the Nigar Award: Javed Sheikh won the Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Ghareboan ka Badshah’ in 1988.

Javed Sheikh won the Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Baarish’ in 1989.

Javed Sheikh won the Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Ustadoan ka ustaad’ in 1990.

Javed Sheikh won the Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Kalay chore’ in 1991.

Javed Sheikh won the Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Zamana’ in 1993.

Javed Sheikh won the Nigar Award for best actor in the film ‘Mushkil’ in 1995.

In the year 2017, at 63 years of age, Javed Sheikh is amongst a few artists to take bold steps to promote Pakistan’s image abroad. His admirers have always been, are, and hopefully will be, praying for his health, happiness, longevity and a successful career ahead.