Japan gives $1m to UNHCR Pak for Afghan refugees

By Staff Reporter
Friday – April 17, 2020
ISLAMABAD: Upon the call made by the minister of state (MoS) for states and frontier regions (SAFRON) and narcotics control (NC) Shehryar Khan Afridi for helping out the Afghan refugees, Japan on Thursday contributed one million dollars to Pakistan.

According to an official statement, Japanese ambassador to Pakistan Kuninori Matsuda called on MoS-SAFRON-NC Afridi and presented the contribution on behalf of the government and people of Japan.

He said that the amount had been paid to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and it will be used to help the Afghan refugees.

He said the Japanese government highly appreciates steps taken by Pakistan to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

He said that the Japanese government wants to contribute to Pakistani airports to fight COVID-19.

He said that Pakistan has been hosting Afghan refugees generously for 40 long years.

He said that he had off late visited Afghan refugees camp in Peshawar and studied how Pakistan is generously hosting Afghans especially the children and streamlined them with Pakistani children.

He also said that the Japanese government has been supporting Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government in economic development and it will like to help the federal government too.

“We appreciate the peace process in Afghanistan and Japanese would like to become a part of development process in KP and Afghanistan,” he added.

He said that Japan will also like to collaborate with Pakistan in the field of sports.

MoS-SAFRON-NC Afridi expressed gratitude to the government and people of Japan for helping out the Afghan refugees and said that this contribution will go a long way in helping the Afghans affected by lockdown.

“We are grateful and expect that this contribution by Japan will send a strong message to the western countries to help the stranded Afghans,” he added.

He said that Japan’s commitment to help the suffering humanity has been exceptional and Japan has always helped people in calamity situations.

Japan has led from the front in remembering those who are deprived.

The 2.8 million Afghan refugees of whom 32 percent are in camps, Pakistan has provided equal opportunities to Afghan refugees as enjoyed by our own people and they have been mainstreamed in our society.

“We are issuing 60,000 visas to Afghans every month without charging even a single penny besides providing scholarships to 50,000 Afghan students,” the minister added.

He said that prime minister on his request had also written to the United Nations (UN) secretary general to provide special assistance to the Afghan refugees.

“Even amid COVID-19 fight, we are helping the Afghan refugees. Why the prosperous world is not coming to help. 85 percent of Afghans are daily wage earners for their families. We also need to provide them with medical equipment to help fight COVID-19,” he concluded.