Jadhav resents Indian mistreatment of his mother and wife

By Zeeshan Ghayur
Friday - January 5, 2018
RAWALPINDI: A video log of convicted Indian research and analysis wing (RAW) spy/terrorist, Indian naval officer, commander Kulbhushan Jadhav, recorded on Monday, December 25, 2017, at the culmination of Jadhav’s interaction with his mother and wife, was made public on Thursday, wherein Jadhav mourned, “The Indian diplomat or Indian person who had come along my mother was shouting on my mother the moment she stepped out, he was yelling at her, had she been brought under threat here” lashing “This gesture was a positive gesture so that she feels happy, I feel happy” grieving “And there is that Indian diplomat or person standing outside yelling at her.”

He said, “I have to say one thing very important here, for the Indian public, the Indian crowd and Indian government and people in navy that my commission is not gone, I am a commissioned officer of the Indian navy” grieving “But my mother and my wife have been briefed very strongly, I saw fear in the eyes of my mother and my wife, why should there be fear, whatever has happened has happened, there should not be fear in the eyes of my mother and wife, they have been threatened.”

Jadhav protested, “Why my commission and that I was working for the intelligence agency is being denied, or what is the whole issue?” adding “Fine I was doing a cover business, which is okay, I standby that I was doing something for RAW, I am a soldier, I was doing something for my country, I have done this, law enforcing agencies are going about that” grieving “But my mother and wife really have been battered and troubled and then brought here, I thought they had been beaten all along in the plane, this is not done this way, it was not a pleasant thing although it was supposed to be.”

He lamented, “My mother was in a shock, she said no these kind of things cannot be said, I am really thankful for the whole process of both the governments, Indian government and the Pakistani government” mourning “I am feeling very sad that my mother was in a very bad threatened position.”

Jadhav mentioned, “My mother came over, I am thankful to Pakistani government for showing this grand gesture and allowing this meeting, it was a very pleasant one and my mother was basically very happy to see me in a good shape, my physical fitness and she was really very satisfied to see me and recited a prayer which is amongst Hindus very common.”

He added, “I said don’t you worry mommy, now you are happy, I have had so many things, my diet is very beautiful, I have done a very good thing here and they have taken care of me, they have not harmed me, they have not touched me” asserting “She believed me, once she saw me.”

Jadhav questioned, “We in India and Pakistan are supposed to forget our enmity and go in a positive direction or is it supposed to be hankering around and lingering around like this?”