Israel will prevent Iran from forming Syrian bases: Netanyahu

Monitoring Desk
Thursday - December 28, 2017
ISLAMABAD: Israeli prime minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu, in his remarks at Israeli defense forces (IDF) pilot course graduation ceremony, on Wednesday, said, “We will not allow Iranian military forces to establish bases in Syria in order to attack us and we will act to prevent the manufacture of precise and deadly weapons aimed at us.”

According to an Israeli statement, with regards to the Gaza Strip, he added, we want the local population to live its life quietly and calmly but the decision as to whether or not there is peace in Gaza depends, first of all, on Gaza.

“We will neither allow nor tolerate any escalation on the part of Hamas or any other terrorist element against the state of Israel” adding “We will use all means to defend our sovereignty and the security of Israeli citizens,” Netanyahu mentioned.

He held, “We are taking care to develop our strength on land, at sea and in the air, and in intelligence and cyber” adding “We frequently outpace the world in identifying and meeting new challenges. We did this with active defense systems, including iron dome and other systems.”

Netanyahu informed, “We are currently doing so with tunnels and we are justly proud of our technology” adding “We are now meeting a new threat, a new challenge that many of you are familiar with – that of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)” asserting “Here as well we are in the vanguard and the air force is adapting itself to, and developing, the most advanced technology in the world.”

He said, “Today the air force is at the peak of its abilities – with the best technological tools, the best planes in the world, the best pilots in the world, with offensive and defensive capabilities and with awesome firepower that can reach both short-range and distant targets as necessary.”

Netanyahu concluded, “We continue to face major challenges in the north, south and east” adding “On all of these fronts we find the arms of radical Islam, which has already caused terrible disasters in our region but not in our state.”