Israel to open embassy in Morocco: Israeli FM Lapid

By Monitoring Desk
Friday – August 13, 2021
RABAT (Morocco): Israeli foreign minister (FM) Yair Lapid questioned, on Wednesday, that what have all the years of severed relations between Israel and Morocco, the two ancient and proud nations, brought us, to which he answered ‘nothing,’ asked again as to what have our citizens gained from this, to which he answered again ‘nothing,’ and went on to announce that both the countries are changing that by opening a mission.

According to a press release, Israeli FM met, in the Moroccan capital, with his counterpart, Moroccan FM Nasser Bourita.

He reminded, “Less than two months ago I inaugurated our embassy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)” adding “Bahrain and Sudan have already agreed on the resumption of diplomatic and trade relations.”

Israeli FM Lapid correlated, “Something is happening in the Middle East. People and leaders look at Libya and Syria and Lebanon and say to themselves, ‘This is not what we want for our children. This is not what we want for ourselves.’”

He continued, “The only war worth devoting our lives to, is not against our neighbour, or against anyone who prays differently from us. The only war that has meaning is the war on poverty, the war on ignorance, the war on epidemics and drought.”

Israeli FM Lapid quoted, “In the Holy Quran it is written: ‘And if they incline to peace, then incline to it [also] and rely upon Allah. Indeed, it is He who is the Hearing, the Knowing.’ (Surah 8, Verse 61)” adding “Hostility and hatred are created by human beings, and human beings can also decide to bring them to an end.”

He preached, “The God of the Jews and the Muslims, the God of our common father Abraham, tells us again and again, both in the Bible and in the Holy Quran, that we are measured as human beings not in what we have taken from the world, but in what we give to the world.”

Israeli FM Lapid related, “Nations and human beings are measured by their ability to see one another. To see the suffering, the struggle, the need for change. This moment will not have come if we had not decided to see one another.”

He educated, “The world we live in has shrunk. The world is smaller than ever. Fast communication networks allow us to exchange ideas in real time.”

Israeli FM Lapid mentioned, “Giant global companies enable us to purchase a product overseas and receive it at home on the same day. The artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technologies are changing the way we think.”

He asserted, “And on the other hand, there are two types of states: those that know how to create collaborations and alliances, and those who will try to cope alone. Those who know how to change and be competitive, and those who are reclusive and find themselves left behind.”

Israeli FM Lapid said, “The agreements we are about to sign will bring innovation and opportunities to our countries that our children and their children after them will enjoy for many years after we are no longer here. We are not good politicians today, we are good parents.”

He continued, “Today we are making our children’s worlds safer, and we are teaching them a lesson about the power of hope. This is our role as parents. Not only to protect them, but also to teach them about the power of change they hold in their hands.”

Israeli FM Lapid recalled, “Jews have lived in Morocco for almost two thousand years. There is archaeological evidence of Jewish communal life in Morocco as early as the second century AD.”

He highlighted, “For most of the time and through most of the periods, the Jews lived here in peace. There was a deep friendship between them and their Moroccan neighbours. For the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who watch us today, Morocco is a paternal home.”

Israeli FM praised, “This is the landscape of their childhood. The music, the flavours, the colours, the melody of prayer. They will not visit as tourists, they will return for a family visit. With all the memories. Today we are restoring peace. Restoring the friendship.”

He stressed, “Peace, and this ancient friendship, is being restored by people who know how to rethink old conflicts. First and foremost by Moroccan king Muhammad VI, by his vision and courage. We are grateful to him.”

Israeli FM Lapid disclosed, “I thank Israeli prime minister (PM) Naftali Bennett, who asked me to convey his blessing to everyone here. He told me before I left, ‘I envy you going to Morocco before me, but tell them I’m on my way.”

He appreciated, “I would like to thank my good friend Moroccan FM Nasser Bourita, who believed in the process from the start and helped us encourage it even during the most difficult moments.”