Irene Perveen: Pristine, Perennial, Performances (E-7 of 7)

By Anis Shakur
Sunday – March 4, 2018
ISLAMABAD: However, throughout it is the loving presence and voice of Irene herself that keeps the movie going. She was a devoted singer and a very likeable person. Here is one example: ‘Phool khila hai pyar ka.’ Duet, Irene- Mala, music, Kamal Ahmed, the film ‘Diya aur tufaan,’ May 9, 1969.

With her wistful voice, Irene transformed simple compositions into popular numbers. Example, ‘Kis qadar hai aitemaad.’ The 1970 film ‘Azmat.’ Similarly, this song expresses Irene’s aspirations toward taste and sophistication, ‘Aaj naheen to kal is ghar mein chand see bhabhi Aaye gee.’ Singer, Irene, music, Lal Mohammad Iqbal, the film ‘Naseeb apna, apna,’ April 3, 1970.

Perhaps, songs like ‘Tanhai mein aksar raatoan ko hum zikr tumhara kartay hain,’ are the touchstones of one’s childhood memories, which he has listened so many times. The 1970 film ‘Phir chand niklay ga,’ duet, Irene – Runa, music composer, Sohail Rana, lyrics, Anjum Kiranvi.

Likewise, this song was a harbinger of great tidings, ‘Kya dilruba hain nazaray.’ The 1971 film ‘Wehshi,’ Irene Perveen- Mujeeb Alam, music composer, A. Hameed.

Irene’s voice enraptured the listeners in this song, ‘Manay na beiri balma, mora mun tarpaye.’ Duet, Irene- Runa Laila, music, Nisar Bazmi, lyrics, Saif Uddin Saif, the film ‘Umrao Jan Ada,’ December 29, 1972.

Irene always kept a balance between her working life and her home life. Hence, her singing career never stood in the way of her personal happiness. Irene retired from the show business forty-six years ago. One of those days, Irene married Cecil Samuel who used to reside in Pakistan as well. Around 1983 Irene and her better half settled down in England.

In the years since those days in the 1960s, I have learned that I am not alone in my devotion to dedicated artists like Irene. That there is a certain hale and heartiness in Irene’s distinctive achievements. Indeed, this is what Irene Perveen’s harmonious voice is all about.

The End.