Irene Perveen: Pristine, Perennial, Performances (E-6 of 7)

By Anis Shakur
Saturday – March 3, 2018
ISLAMABAD: The public fell passionately in love with Irene’s singing voice as they listen to this romantic number, ‘Tum mujhay apni mohabbat day do, dil mein rehnay ki ijazat day do.’ Duet, Irene- Masood Rana, music, Tasadduq Husain, the 1968 film ‘Alif Laila.’

Most definitely, every adorer can discern the sound of the lake is a rhythmic, almost melodic, accompaniment to the lovely scene as he listens to ‘Nadia behti jaaye,’ naturally, one wants the moment to last forever.

In fact, Irene’s intense, charismatic voice in the song ‘Nadia behti jaaye, behti jaaye,’ vaulted her to stardom. What is more, Irene is downright adorable in ‘Nadia.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, music, Robin Ghosh, the 1968 film ‘Tum meray ho.’

The readers who are familiar with Irene’s astonishing aptitude are acquainted with the fact that Irene’s tremendous contribution to music speaks volumes nonetheless. Example, ‘Mohabbat ka wada aisay nibhana, na Aankhein churana, na daman churana.’ Duet, Irene- Masood Rana, music, Tasadduq, director, Shabab Kiranvi, the 1968 film ‘Shahi Mehal.’

Throughout her singing career, Irene rendered songs that were simultaneously poignant and playful, tragic and jolly. Here is one playful song, ‘Aray, ray, ray, mein chali.’ The 1968 film ‘Katari.’

In due course, Irene managed her performance in a way to express a genuine, intense joy and the effect was marvelous in the song, ‘Meri jaan, meray hum safar na ro,’ the 1968 movie, ‘Doosri Shadi’, ’music composer, M. Ashraf, songwriter, saif Uddin Saif.

Irene’s lilting voice is apparently one to listen. Ultimately, so is her romantic score like this one. ‘Chand bhi saamnay Aatay huye sharmata hai, itnay haseen nazar Aatay ho keh pyar Aata hai.’ Singers, Irene- Masood Rana, music, Deebu, songwriter, Wajid Chughtai the 1969 film ‘Pyar ki jeet.’

With the passage of time, Irene devoted much of her effort to rehearsing and recording songs. Irene’s innumerable adorers can never forget the unrequited love expressed in these two songs. ‘Ho dilruba kaisa ye jadu kya.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, music, Nashad, the film ‘Tum milay pyar mila,’ February 7, 1969. ‘Ye haseen wadian ye samaan.’ Singer, Irene, the film ‘Tum milay pyar mila.’

Irene’s reputation for singing stood so high that she became an insignia of success, featuring exceptional musical numbers like these two songs: ‘Lazzat-e-soaz-e-jigar pooch lay perwanay say.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, music, Nashad, the film ‘Saalgira,’ February 14, 1969. ‘Teray waday say meri zindigi saji.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Saalgira.’ (To be continued...)