Irene Perveen: Pristine, Perennial, Performances (E-5 of 7)

By Anis Shakur
Monday - February 26, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Let us honor Irene’s masterpieces as we share her sentiments in these two songs: ‘Dil na lagana ja kay dais paraye.’ Music, Manzoor Ashraf, lyrics, Khwaja Pervez, the film ‘Insaniyat,’ February 24, 1967. ‘Pyar mein sub kuchh chalta hai.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Insaniyat.’

The song below is one reason among many as to why the public have great respect and open admiration for Irene: ‘Aye raat bata kya un say kahein.’ Duet, Irene- Munir Husain, music, Inayat Husain, lyrics, Fayyaz Hashmi, the film ‘Dewar Bhabhi.’ May 5, 1967.

A heartfelt lullaby that comes from ones innermost recesses of the heart in a fascinating movie, that is a bit of a dream. However, a dream come true. Yes, I am referring to ‘Do akhian, ye do sakhian,’ the 1967 film ‘Ehsaan.’ Duet, Rushdi, Irene, music composer, Sohail Rana, poet, Masroor Anwar, superbly pictured on Waheed Murad and Baby Jugnu. Not only is that, a masterpiece like ‘Do akhian,’ one reason among many as to why Irene was Pakistani cinema’s greatest value.

Irene’s immense energy explains why every song seems to jump right out of the gramophone record and every suffering character is defended. Here are two examples: Kuchh, kuchh, mujh say milti julti bachho aik thee rani.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, music, Nisar Bazmi, lyrics, Masroor Anwar, the film ‘Aag.’ November 3, 1967. ‘Mein mar gaye haye.’ The film ‘Aag.’

The listener’s imagination awakes at the first lyric of this song, ‘Waqt na deikhay raha kisi ki, jo apna lay khushi usi ki.’ Duet, Irene- Ahmed Rushdi,’ the film ‘Aag.’

Irene’s voice is both convincing and charming in the song ‘O maan, O maan.’ The film ‘Nishaan,’ Irene Perveen- Tasawwar Khanum. Irene’s voice was superlative as usual in ‘Meri zindigi kay raazdaan.’ The film ‘Tansain,’ Irene – Mujeeb Alam.

Truth be said, all her songs are worth remembering, one magnificent song gave way to another song, like the tragic number, ‘is duniya say kar shikwa na gila,’ singer, Irene, music composer, M.A. Munno, lyrics, Shorish Dehelvi, the 1968 film, ‘Chowda Saal.’

Irene prided herself on clear diction .Foremost are Irene’s two songs: ‘Hello, hello, Mr. Abdul Ghani.’ Singer, Irene, music, A. Hameed, the film ‘Behan Bhai,’ May 24, 1968. ‘Up-to-date bana hai, aur waisay bhola bhala suit boot mein zaalim tunay kaisa rang nikala.’ (To be continued...)