Irene Perveen: Pristine, Perennial, Performances (E-4 of 7)

By Anis Shakur
Saturday - February 24, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Irene demonstrated an unusual aptitude for music in her entire singing career. Below are two examples: ‘Husn waloan ko jalanay ki buri Aadat hai.’ Irene- Masood Rana, music, Manzoor Ashraf, songwriter, Khwaja Pervez, the 1966 film ‘Aa’ena.’ ‘Allah jhat pat say hero bana day mujhay.’ Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Aa’ena.’

The song ‘Tumhe ho mehboob meray.’ Touted as one of the most popular movie songs ever recorded added more fame to Irene’s persona. Moreover, the song also attained iconic status when it was repeatedly broadcast on the Pakistani Radio stations for an extended period. Singer, Irene, music, Manzoor Ashraf- Tasaddaq Husain, the film ‘Aa’ena.’

As for her demeanor, Irene was usually colorful and true to herself. Below are two instances of Irene’s artistry: ‘Balma jhalak dikhaja, O balma Aaya moray duaray.’ Irene, music, Ghulam Nabi- Abdul Lateef, the film ‘Aag ka darya.’ January 24, 1966.

‘Aaha khetoan pay deikho kaisi chhai bahaar.’ Irene- Ahmed Rushdi, the film ‘Aag ka darya.’ Music composer, Ghulam Nabi, Abdul Lateef, songwriter, Josh Malihabadi.

The magic of Irene’s smile, the dazzle in her eyes and most of all, her singing voice, allow us to forget some of our day-to-day problems: ‘Maan bhi jao guria rani, naheen roothna achha.’ Singer, Irene, music, Tasaddaq Husain, the film ‘Hamrahi.’ May 6, 1966.

In addition, the song, ‘Taali bajay bhy taali bajay,’ is a testament to her honeyed vocals that made Irene the darling of the moviegoers. The 1966 film ‘Lori,’ duet, Irene, Baatish, music composer, Khalil Ahmed, poet, Himayat Ali Shayer.

Soon Irene entered the golden part of her career, when every song brought new triumphs like this one, ‘Raj dularay tera jug mug mukhra.’ Irene- Masood Rana, music, Wazir Ali, the 1967 film ‘Albela.’

In 1967, Irene was a singer everyone knew, particularly this song, ‘Sola saal ki mein albeli, mein hoon lakhoan mein akeli.’ duet, Irene- Masood Rana, music, Manzoor Ashraf, songwriter, Tanvir Naqvi, the 1967 film ‘Shola aur shabnam.’ (To be continued...)