Irene Perveen: Pristine, Perennial, Performances (E-2 of 7)

By Amis Shakur
Sunday - February 18, 2018
ISLAMABAD: The tenderness and joy in Irene’s voice is quite evident in these three songs: ‘Teray husn ka darshan ho, jaaye ik din.’ Irene- Masood Rana, music, Deebu Bhattachariya, the film ‘Banjaran,’ September 14, 1962. ‘Luchhkay kamariya mori mein nazuk chori,’ Irene- Masood Rana. The film ‘Banjaran.’ ‘Patt ghunghat kay khol tu Aaja babujee .’ Irene- Masood Rana, the film ‘Banjaran.’

Apparently, Irene is most well known for her song that would bring in tears even in the eyes of stonehearted people. That was a group effort. An individual could not have done all that. Yes, I am referring to the song below, which depicts the harsh reality of life:

‘Itnay baray jahan mein koye naheen hamara, duniya ki thokaroan mein phirtay hain bay sahara.’ Chorus,Irene- Nazeer Begum, Khadim Husain, director, Shabab Kiranvi, music, Manzoor Ashraf, the 1963 film ‘Maan kay Aansu.’

Obviously, every adorer loves every song of Irene in an admirable way. One such song is ‘Do din mein badal gaye duniya, teray pyar say jal gaye duniya.’ The 1963 film ‘Shararat,’ solo, Irene, music composer, Deebu Bhatta Chariya, poet, Masroor Anwar.

This song keeps the viewer engaged in the romantic story ‘O jan-e-mun zara ruk ja, ye ada na hum ko dikha, hum nay mana.’ Irene- Masood Rana, Ahmed Rushdi, music, Deebu, the 1963 film ‘Qatal kay baad.’ In the vast array of songs is ‘Tum bhi sharabi ho, mein bhi sharabi, bhar lo jaam-e-sharab.’ Irene- Munir Husain, music, Khalil Ahmed, songwriter, Himayat, Ali Shayer, the film ‘Daman.’ October 4, 1963.

Here is a song that established Irene as a foremost singer of high repute, ‘Kaisay uthaon najaria ray.’ Irene, the film ‘Daman.’ Intelligent in slow numbers, Irene was exceptionally artistic in faster scores as well. Example, ‘Duniya rail gari hai, sanp ki sawari, jo samjhay wo khilari, na samjhay wo anari, O bhayya.’ Singers, Irene- Baby Rubina- Masood Rana- Ahmed Rushdi, music, Deebu, songwriter, Fayyaz Hashmi, the 1964 film ‘Beti.’

Its equivalents are songs like,’Bura maan kar kahan chal diye, ye to ishq walo kar farz hai, Aadaab arz hai.’ Singer, Irene- Masood Rana, music, Deebu, songwriter, Masroor Anwar, the 1963 film ‘Shararat.’ In the endless list of hits are songs like ‘Gali mein dil baichun, naam mera dildaar, itna achha, itna sasta.’ Singers, Irene- Masood Rana, music, Deebu, songwriter, Masroor Anwar, the 1964 film ‘Shararat.’

Irene’s rare passion and feeling is highly laudable in the song, ‘Almadad O' Almadad perwer digaar-e-do jahan.’’ Singers, Irene- Mala, music, A. Hameed, lyricist, Fayyaz Hashmi, the film ‘Tauba.’ February 15, 1964. The transporting power of love and gentility were successfully captured in this song, ‘Ik haseen meherbaan, pyar ka ye samaan.’ Singers, Irene- Mala, music, A. Hameed, songwriter, Fayyaz Hashmi, the film ‘Aashiyana,’ October 9, 1964. (To be continued...)