Irene Perveen: Pristine Perennial Performances (E-1 of 7)

By Anis Shakur
Saturday - February 17, 2018
ISLAMABAD: “The key is remembering that every hurdle crossed is one less hurdle in pursuit of your personal ambition,” is a statement that holds true to the famed singer of yesteryear, Irene Perveen. Irene, who was born in 1940, and who is of Christian faith, hails from Lahore. Because of her desire and hard work, she made a name for herself and her movies.

Irene, whom her adorers affectionately call Irene Jee, had a flair for music as a child and she began studying music at a young age. Irene made her debut as a singer in the film ‘Noor-e-Islam,’ theatrical release was on November 1, 1957, when Irene was seventeen years of age.

One of Irene’s accomplishment is that her understanding of the lyrics is seamless. The spirit of those earlier days is still alive as is evident in the romantic score, ‘youn cheir gaye dil kay taar, mera sansaar khushi say jhoom utha,’ the 1958 film ‘Mumtaz,’ music composer, Sheheryaar, lyrics, Liaquat Sehbai.

In addition, Irene routinely made herself available to her colleagues. Known for her charming demeanor, Irene was also instrumental to party hearty song, ‘Aik say do, aur do say chaar, hum golay Aaj bana yein gey,’ the 1959 film ‘Gulshan,’ music composer, Rasheed Attre, poet, Qateel Shifai.

This sincere prayer added to Irene’s success, ‘teray dwar Aaye ray, bigri banay day mori,’ the 1960 film ‘Shehbaz,’ music composer, Khadim Husain, poet, Tanvir Naqui. More surprising is the fact that Irene never lost her sway for a moment in her illustrious music career that lasted 15 years.

The two songs below scaled the height of popularity in the ambient era: ‘been bajanay walay, matwalay, teri been ka jadu maar gaya.’ Irene- Nazeer Begum, music, Manzoor Ashraf, the film ‘Saperan,’ December 8, 1961, director, Shabab Kiranvi. ‘Aik sapera bun kay lutera lutenay Aaya.’ The film ‘Saperan.’

Apparently, Irene had given the most precious gift to the innumerable music buffs. It was the gift of a free and loving heart. Irene’s performance shines through in the birthday song, ‘Aaj meray munnay ki saalgira hai, lub pay dua hai,’ the 1961 film ‘Surayya,’ music, M.A. Munno, lyricist, Aadil.

Perhaps Irene’s unrequited love towards her extended family is best reflected in ‘pyari Bhabhi, Bhabhi naheen tu meri maa hai,’ duet, Irene, Master Mushtaq, music, Tasadduq Husain, lyricist, Musheer Kazmi, the 1962 film, ‘Mera kiya Qusoor.’

Essentially, every fan gets nostalgic as he listens to the wedding song in Irene’s mellifluous singing voice. ‘Bholi dulhaniya ka jeeya lehraye,’ the 1962 film ‘Aanchal,’ duet, Irene – Naseema Shaheen, music composer, Khalil Ahmed, poet, Himayat Ali Shayer. (To be continued...)