Iranian ANP chief calls on IM Rasheed

Tuesday – January 5, 2021
ISLAMABAD: In response to Iranian request for consular access to 16 Iranian sailors imprisoned in Pakistan or the possibility of facilitating their extradition to Iran, Monday, the interior minister (IM) Sheikh Rasheed responded, “Pakistan is waiting to receive a written request in this regard and we will follow it up.”

According to Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), Iran’s anti-narcotics police (ANP) chief brigadier-general (Brig.-Gen.) Majid Karimi called on IM Rasheed in federal capital.

Iranian ANP chief Brig.-Gen.Karimi welcomed Pakistan’s move to fence off its common border with Iran.

He considered it effective in the fight against drug trafficking and other crimes and added Iran’s desire to enhance the security of borders and bringing economic prosperity in order to improve the livelihoods of border residents on both sides.

Referring to the fate of three Iranian border guards who were allegedly abducted while on duty, Iranian ANP chief Brig.-Gen.Karimi called on Pakistani government to investigate the incident.

He called for expansion of interaction between Iranian border police and the forces of Pakistan’s frontier corps (FC) and said, “The current level of cooperation is desirable and we seek to strengthen it even further.”

Iranian ANP chief Brig.-Gen.Karimi held, unfortunately Afghanistan as the largest producer of narcotics has affected its main neighbours Iran and Pakistan, and on the other hand, this phenomenon is tied to instability and terrorist acts in the common border strip.

He stressed, “Considering the close relations between Iran and Pakistan, the current level of cooperation in border control, security issues at common border points and effective confrontation with drug traffickers can be further expanded.”

Iranian ANP chief Brig.-Gen.Karimi announced Iran’s readiness to expand cooperation with Pakistani brothers, especially in the situation of pursuit and conflict with smugglers and terrorists.

IM Rasheed assured, Pakistan is ready for comprehensive cooperation with the Islamic Republic of Iran, especially in guarding the common borders.

He continued, Pakistan has a history of close and fraternal relations with Iran adding that his country is ready to cooperate with Iran in various sectors.

IM Rasheed reaffirmed the commitment of his government to work closely with Iran in border management, against drug trafficking and promised to investigate the alleged issue of three abducted Iranian border guards.

Iranian ANP chief Brig.-Gen.Karimi congratulated IM Rasheed on assuming the role of the IM.

The meeting was also attended by Iranian ambassador to Pakistan Seyed Mohammad Ali Hosseini, along-with some interior ministry officials.

The Iranian dignitary is on a two days official trip to Pakistan.