Iqbal in US proposes joint framework for peace

Staff Report
Sunday - February 11, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Interior minister Ahsan Iqbal met with United States (US) deputy state secretary John Sullivan on Saturday, Iqbal underscored the need for Pakistan and the US to evolve a joint framework for regional peace based on legitimate mutual security concerns.

According to an official statement, interior minister reiterated, peace and stability in Afghanistan is vital for Pakistan’s progress and development, while some regional elements see instability in Afghanistan as a pressure on Pakistan’s security apparatus and act as spoilers in efforts for peace restoration.

Sullivan agreed that cooperation between Pakistan and the US was key to peace and stability in the region.

Iqbal highlighted to Sullivan the efforts and achievements of Pakistan in defeating terrorism and extremism in the country.

He informed the US side that Pakistan’s efforts in this regard were guided by its own national action plan (NAP), a coherent and comprehensive strategy based on nation’s vision for a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

“The government is committed to continue to make efforts to handover a peaceful and tolerant Pakistan to the next generations,” Iqbal remarked.

We have achieved internal peace at a huge cost in blood and resources, he grieved.