India illegally holds Ladakh & Arunachal Pradesh: China

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – October 14, 2020
BEIJING (China): China’s foreign office (FO) spokesperson Zhao Lijian addressing a regular press conference reiterated, Tuesday, that China does not recognise the so-called “Union Territory (UT) of Ladakh” illegally set up by India or the “Arunachal Pradesh,” and opposes infrastructure building aimed at military contention in disputed border areas.

According to a press release, he continued, based on the consensus reached by the two sides recently, neither side should take any action that might complicate the situation at the border region, so that bilateral efforts to ease tension will not be undermined.

For a while, the Indian side has been stepping up infrastructure building and military deployment along the border with China. This is the root cause of tensions.

We urge the Indian side to earnestly implement the consensus reached by the two sides, refrain from taking actions that will complicate the situation, and take concrete measures to safeguard peace and tranquility along the border, China’s FO spokesperson Lijian concluded.

Earlier in September, on Tuesday the 29th, 2020, China’s FO spokesperson Wang Wenbin, addressing a regular press conference, declared that China does not recognise the so-called “UT Ladakh” illegally set up by India.

According to a press release, he continued, the reports of some institutes on China building new military bases, or facilities along the line of actual control (LAC), are completely false descriptions driven by ulterior motives.

China’s FO spokesperson Wenbin reiterated that the Chinese side always strictly abides by agreements with the Indian side.

He said that we are committed to maintaining peace and stability in the border areas, at the same time, we firmly safeguard territorial sovereignty and national security.

China FO spokesperson Wenbin mentioned that Chinese border troops have long been on the Chinese side of the LAC and are strictly complying with bilateral agreements with India.

He concluded with the hope that the Indian side will work toward the same goal with China to bring the temperature down and avoid disrupting the two sides’ efforts to ease the situation.