In last 14 months Indian soldiery martyrs 253 innocents

Tuesday – October 6, 2020
SRINAGAR (India): In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), unrelenting military siege imposed by Narendra Modi-led fascist Indian government on August 05, last year, continues to take a heavy toll on daily life of the Kashmiris in the occupied territory.

According to Kashmir Media Service (KMS), a report released by the research section of KMS on the completion of 14 months to the military siege, Monday, revealed that Indian troops martyred 253 Kashmiris including 6 women during the period.

It said that most of the victims were killed by the troops in fake encounters in the garb of so-called cordon and search operations (CASOs).

It said the youth were picked up from their homes and then eliminated after falsely labeled as mujahideen or over-ground workers.

It said that the killings by the troops during the past 14 months rendered 12 women widowed and 27 children orphaned.

The report maintained that at least 1,498 people were critically injured due to the use of brute force, bullets, pellets and teargas shelling by Indian troops on peaceful demonstrators in the occupied territory.

The troops damaged over 968 houses and structures and molested or disgraced 89 women and arrested 14,096 persons, in the period.