Imran Khan is the PM-elect, secures 176 votes

By Zeeshan Ghayur
Saturday – August 18, 2018
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) locked horns with their arch-rival the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) in the lower house of the parliament on Friday, where at day’s end PML-N leader Shehbaz Sharif secured 96 votes, for being the prime minister (PM) of Pakistan, whereas PTI chairman Imran Khan secured 176 votes - making Khan the PM-elect.

Amid great hue and cry of the opposition benchers – excluding Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) – PM-elect Khan said, “Those are accusing us of rigged elections who have no idea as to how the rigging was orchestrated, for those who think that we had the help of any invisible hand (establishment) let it be known to them that PTI lost from a mere margin of 3,000 votes in 43 Punjab provincial assembly (PA) constituencies.”

“In 14 of our national assembly (NA) constituencies, PTI lost from a mere margin of less than 4,000 votes. If we had any help from the invisible hand - that aid was not even able to fill up the mere gap of 3000-4000 votes,” he asserted and reminded, “In another constituency we lost from a mere 50 votes’ gap.”

“My parliamentarian colleagues who are busy in creating fuss in the lower house, I would like to remind them that I had demanded the then incumbent regime to open up merely four constituencies for recount, after numerous denials we had to take up the matter in the courts of law and after two and a half years when the constituencies were made open for recount, in each and every one of them illegitimate votes were found, these fuss creators were in the government then, why did they not hold the responsible accountable,” Khan asked.

He grieved, “If the persons responsible for polling illegitimate votes were made accountable then, everyone today would have been completely satisfied with the electoral results.”

“We approached the courts, staged a sit-in protest for 126 days and then a judicial commission commenced its proceedings which came up with 40 findings” reminding “One of the 40 findings was that 25 million ballots were missing, another finding was that at least 35 percent of form 15s were missing, why did the incumbent then did not take any action,” PM-elect asked.

He promised, “We will bring about electoral reforms so that a neutral empire is formulated whose judgment will not be denied by anyone be them the winning or the losing parties.”

Khan welcomed, “Since we are sure that we had no part in rigging the elections, you are free to consult the election commission, the supreme court, we will not stop you” daring “If you wish to stage a sit-in, we will provide you with a container to stand up on and address the protestors, we spent four months on a container, I am inviting PML-N leader Sharif and Jamiat Ullema-e-Islam Fazl leader Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman (JUI-F) to spend just a month on a container in protest, space will be made available in federal capital’s D chowk and thereafter we will succumb to your demands” assuring “We will supply you with food and also send for you people to hear your speeches.”

“However, do whatever that you wish to but none of you will secure any national reconciliation ordinance (NRO)” declaring “I would like to state it clearly here today that no one has ever been able to blackmail me nor will I ever get blackmailed,” PM-elect said.

Khan added, “The huge debt that the nation was burdened with in the last 10 years, from Rs 6,000 billion to Rs 28,000 billion, those who burdened our children with international loans will face the music.”

PM-elect declared, “First of all we are going to put in place the strictest accountability ever, those who have looted this country and burdened the nation with massive loans - I am bearing Allah as witness - that I will bring each of them to justice.”

He promised the nation that he will bring back the looted sum his predecessors had laundered overseas. “I will empower this parliament as being the PM by answering questions of fellow NA members, at least twice a month during the question and answer sessions,” Khan assured.

PM-elect declared, “The money that was to be allocated for our children’s education, hospitals, clean drinking water, social and judicial justice, higher education and knowledge economy was rather kept inside the pockets of a few corrupt against whom we will conduct comprehensive debates in the lower house.”

“We will bring structural reforms to enable us in collecting funds from within the country rather than begging overseas for lofty loans,” he reiterated.

Transmitting a message to the youth who made Khan stand tall in the parliament, PM-elect mentioned, “We will make sure that the youth is able to fetch for themselves decent employment, so that they rid themselves of the thought of flying overseas in search of livelihood, the youth shall find employment within the country.”

He acknowledged, “I am today thankful to my nation and Almighty Allah for having granted me the opportunity to bring change that the nation had been waiting for 70 years” assuring “God willing, I am promising the entire nation - bearing Allah as witness - that I will bring the change the nation had been craving for.”

PTI chief mentioned, “I have reached the NA after having struggled for 22 years, I wasn’t groomed by a military dictator, nor was my father ever been NA member, I reached this platform on my own.”