IOK remains “in lockdown since 8 months”

Tuesday – April 7, 2020
SRINAGAR (India): In Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK), the 8-months military siege, now coupled with curfew-like restrictions, which India has imposed in the garb of preventive measures against the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), has added to the miseries of the hapless Kashmiri people.

According to Kashmir Media Service (KMS), the restrictions have created a shortage of daily commodities especially lifesaving medicines, putting the lives of patients at high risk.

Drug distributors in Srinagar told media men that lifesaving drugs were not available and the supply had been badly affected particularly during the past two weeks.

The continued curbs on internet have also adversely hit mental and physical health of the Kashmiri people.

Hurriyat leaders and organisations including Farooq Ahmad Tawheedi, Islami Tanzeem-e-Azadi (ITA) and Jammu and Kashmir Peoples League (JKPL) in their separate statements in Srinagar paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of Kulgam, Kupwara and other Kashmiri martyrs and denounced India for massacring innocent youth with each passing day.

They also denounced the introduction of a new domicile law by India saying it was meant to change the demographic composition of Jammu and Kashmir.

Thousands of people continued to pour in for the second consecutive day to attend the funeral prayers of the Kashmiri youth martyred by Indian troops in south and north of IOK over the past few days.

Hurriyat leaders and organisations including Farooq Ahmad Tawheedi, ITA and JKPL in their separate statements in Srinagar paid glowing tributes to the martyrs of Kulgam and Kupwara and denounced India for massacring innocent youth.

Meanwhile, as many as 8 Indian soldiers including a junior commission officer were killed and many injured in an attack during an ongoing military operation in Keran area of Kupwara district.

The troops continued cordon and search operations (CASOs) in Awaoora, Kumkadi, Zurhuma, Safawali, Batpora and Haihama areas of north IOK.

The family members of the Kupwara martyrs demanded the dead bodies of their dear ones, who were killed by Indian troops during the days long operation in the district.

Two Indian soldiers committed suicide by shooting themselves with their service rifles in Bandipore and Samba districts of the occupied territory.

These two incidents of suicide raised the number of such deaths among Indian troops and police personnel in occupied Kashmir to 449 since January 2007.

AP Maheshwari, the director general of India’s largest paramilitary force, the central reserve police force (CRPF), along with 200 other personnel has gone on quarantine on the suspicion of being positive for coronavirus.

The CRPF’s chief medical officer (CMO) has also been tested positive for the deadly virus. So far, 4,067 confirmed cases have been reported in India while the Indian health ministry has said that 109 people have died due to the coronavirus.

The chairman of All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) Syed Ali Gilani has warned India of dire consequences if it issues domicile certificates to its citizens.

APHC chairman Gilani in a message issued in Srinagar, Monday, also said that the people who will issue such certificates will face social boycott. He said that the people of IOK must not accept the new domicile law and must fight tooth and nail.

He also asked people not to sell their properties to the Indians. He said the Indian occupation forces have brazenly made clear their intentions and have begun their long-cherished plan to change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir.

He maintained that the only resolution of the Kashmir dispute was the right to self-determination, and no power on earth can take away this right from the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He reiterated that the Kashmiris’ fight will continue till the dawn of freedom.

APHC chairman Gilani said the Indian government wishes to make the referendum issue meaningless and alter the course of freedom struggle.

Like other Indian actions, he added, the introduction of new domicile law also violates all international laws.

He pointed out that India was following Israel, and wished to replicate its model of settler colonialism to turn Jammu and Kashmir into another Palestine.

He said that India played its last card to do so on August 5 last year. He also warned the government officials, authorised to issue these domicile certificates, of dire consequences for collaborating with the occupier, India.

“India wants to turn our Muslim majority into a minuscule minority to subvert the political struggle in Jammu and Kashmir which has been going on from 1947 itself against the Indian military occupation,” APHC chairman said and maintained, by this new law, in the coming years Indians will first acquire land forcibly and then set up settler colonies.

India has also humiliated its deplorable quislings in the territory by making only class four jobs reserved for people of Jammu and Kashmir with domicile status, he added.

APHC chairman Gilani said, the so-called amendment to the domicile law is mere eyewash and people of Jammu and Kashmir were mature enough to understand the machiavellian tricks of the occupier.

He said, these political agents of Indian occupation will cheat Kashmiris on behalf of New Delhi promising petty gains to the people but Kashmiris must reject these treacherous ones forever, who though small in number have caused damage to the Kashmir movement and the massive sacrifices of millions of Kashmir people.

APHC chairman Gilani warmed that the Muslims of Jammu will face the heat first as the campaign against them had already been initiated openly from last many years.

“I ask the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh to stand against this move as I have already laid down the way in my address to the nation,” he said.

He urged the people of Kashmir not to sell their property (land, houses, shops, etc.) and also desist from giving their property on rent and/or lease to any outsider.

The business community also must not enter into any such business agreement with outsiders or with the occupying government leading to selling/rental/leasing off any property in the occupied territory, he added.

He said, “The Indian State and the Indian business houses will try to lure you in the name of development and big profit, but stay alert and do not fall into their trap of collaborating against the struggle and people of Jammu and Kashmir.”

He also urged the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to take serious note of the situation and must raise its voice for the people of occupied Kashmir.

“I have already laid down the steps Pakistan must take in my letter to prime minister (PM) Imran Khan. We also sympathise with the Muslims in India who are close to becoming aliens in the land they believed to be ‘their homeland,’” he added.

He stressed the people to be steadfast and resolute, have faith in Allah, and fight the evil designs of our occupier till the end.