Govt sets out to regulate unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – September 29, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The aviation minister (AM) Ghulam Sarwar said, Monday, in light of manifold increase in the usage of remotely piloted aircraft systems, it is high time to formulate a policy to regulate the usage of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

According to an official statement, AM Sarwar chaired a high level meeting regarding the finalisation of draft on UAS policy, at the aviation division, in the federal capital.

The participants, of the high level meeting, acknowledged the step taken and shared their valuable suggestion on the subject matter.

It was decided that all the concerned stakeholders shall furnish their views/comments on the draft policy within fortnight and a follow-up meeting shall be convened.

The national policy on UAS is being developed with the understanding that the UAS activity over the coming years will increase and there is a requirement to regulate UAS ensuring safe and secure usage countrywide.

The meeting was attended by participants from various ministries as well as provinces.