Gandhi says Modi looted Gujarat

Monitoring Desk
GUJARAT (India): Indian national congress (INC) president Rahul Gandhi, addressing a press conference on Tuesday, said, “When farmer demands electricity he is provided it at night” exposing “Rs 110,000 crores of loan taken up by 10 Indian influential were written off last year” lashing “When the farmer demands the same he is ridiculed.”

In comparison Gandhi said, “We have written off at least Rs 70,000 crores worth of farmer loans” lashing “Modi had promised an annual subsidy of Rs 2,000 for every farmer however only Rs 500 is given” asserting “At the end of the day it entirely depends upon the intention of those who win the polls to whether they will or will not deliver.”

He reminded, “In the last 22 years Narendra Modi has extended efforts for one side developments only that has benefited merely five to 10 people” grieving “The people of Gujarat have been kept deprived of all that could have benefited them.”

Gandhi reiterated, “90 percent of colleges have been privatised, middle class or the poor has to pay one to 1.5 million rupees and only after that he/she can dream of sending his/her children for getting engineering, medical and of other important fields education.”

He asserted, “At the time of medical emergencies thousands of rupees are spent on pre-surgical diagnosis, however if surgery is required then again one to 1.5 million rupees is the least minimum charge” reminding “This precisely has been destroying Gujarati people lives.”

Gandhi exposed, “Tata Nano factory was given Rs 33,000 crores despite which not even a single Nano car is seen on roads” adding “45,000 hectares of land was given to one person” lashing “The people of Gujarat are deprived of uninterrupted supply of both water and electricity” reminding “There is absolutely no balancing of government expenditures.”

He said, “We are confident that INC is going to win the Gujarat elections thanks to poor bharatiya banata party (BJP) performance.”

Laying out his election manifesto, Gandhi educated, “We are going to write off farmer loans, extend efforts for the provision of health care cards that will enable patients to purchase medicines, will bring in additional doctors and nurses to support the local health-care system, provide affordable education to all and lower taxes on small medium enterprises (SMEs) so that jobs get created.”

He lamented, “The entire banking focus is upon 10 influential, whereas other whether huge or small businessmen, traders receive absolutely no State protection.”

“In addition, the heavy rates of taxation has destroyed the lives of most Gujarati traders” adding “Irrational economic policies will not be heeded anymore in our regime,” Gandhi vowed.

“A Gujarati teacher in tears pleaded for taking action, against the incumbent regime, as with rising inflation there is no increase in salaries” adding “We are going to turn this around by making sure that there is a proportionate increase in salary every time there is an increase in inflation,” he said.

Gandhi reminded, “Modi had promised livelihood to two crore women but it did not happen” adding “Check our past record in public health, job creation, education, extending for the masses the promised developments and you will realise that we had been delivering.”

He lashed, “600,000 crore rupees is being given to the 10 Indian influential, is this the only business in Hindustan, can we really not support SMEs countrywide” lamenting “SMEs create jobs and despite that they are being heavily taxed.”