G-20 defers loan repayments up-till Jun 2021

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – November 25, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The economic affairs division (EAD) informed the cabinet, Tuesday, that G-20 countries deferred loan repayments on $1.7 to $2 billion worth of loans that Pakistan had taken up from May 2020 to December 2020.

According to a press release, prime minister (PM) Imran Khan chaired the session of the federal cabinet, in the federal capital.

The cabinet was informed that G-20 countries provided the facility to defer loan repayments up-till June 2021 because of prevalent Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic.

The cabinet delegated the EAD secretary Noor Ahmed to reschedule loan repayment agreements taken up from 16 of G-20 countries.

PM Khan took notice of rising violence against children and women, mentioned that such criminal acts are never tolerated in any religion nor society.

The cabinet approved in principle anti-rape (investigation and trial) ordinance 2020 along-with Pakistan penal code (amendment) ordinance 2020.

The cabinet approved in principle, for promotion of technology countrywide, the establishment of special technology zones authority (STZA). The special technology zones (STZs) will be initially established in Islamabad, Peshawar, Lahore and Haripur. The cabinet also approved in principle the establishment of STZs in Karachi and Quetta.

PM Khan held that the enormous information technology (IT) potential that Pakistan holds has to be utilised. He preached that the IT acts as a staircase to progress. PM Khan directed for establishment of at least 50 STZs countrywide.

The law and justice minister (LJM) Farogh Naseem briefed the cabinet with regard to the rules of appointment of parliamentary members in the board of directors (BoDs) of public institutions. The cabinet decided to consult the Supreme Court (SC) in the context.

The cabinet confirmed the decisions taken by the cabinet committee on institutional reforms (CCIR) held on October 29, 2020, and November 12, 2020.

The cabinet was presented a report on filling of vacant chief executive officer (CEO) and managing director (MD) posts in public institutions, PM Khan gave directions on expediting the process.

The cabinet approved, as per the national archives act’s clause 2(3), the appointment of director general (DG) in the national archives.

The cabinet agreed on issuing the no objection certificate (NOC) to the commerce ministry to extend payments to international television channels with regard to airing the sports transmission on Pakistan television (PTV).

The cabinet delegated the information and broadcasting ministry, acting upon the directions in a petition filed with Lahore High Court (LHC), to run informative campaigns on the prevalent Covid-19 to raise public awareness.

The cabinet approved the appointment of board of governors (BoGs) and the MD in the national book foundation (NBF).

The cabinet decided to handover the matter of amendments in civil aviation rules 1991 to the cabinet committee on law (CCL).

The cabinet confirmed the decisions taken by the economic coordination committee (ECC) dated November 16, 2020.

The cabinet also confirmed the decisions taken by the cabinet committee on energy (CCE) dated November 19, 2020.

The planning, development and reforms minister (PDRM) Asad Umar briefed the cabinet with regard to improvements in the important economic indicators.