Focus on ending Afghan war rather than winning: NSA

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday - February 13, 2018
ISLAMABAD: National security adviser (NSA) lieutenant general (R) Nasser Khan Janjua, on Monday, advised, “Instead of winning the war in Afghanistan the world must cooperate to seek the closure of this conflict, which can be made possible by way of political processes.”

According to an official statement, Janjua highlighted the character and role of Pakistan in the recent history and the sacrifices rendered by Pakistani people and its armed forces in ongoing war against terrorism.

He reiterated that Pakistan is a morally correct country and stands on the right side of the history.

Janjua said, “Pakistan has always stood with the world for peace and prosperity” adding “On Afghanistan, there is a dire need to end the sufferings of Afghans.”

He was addressing a German delegation comprising of 22 participants of “2018 course for senior officials” from German federal academy of security policy along with German ambassador, who had called on him in the federal capital.

Janjua spoke about regional security situation with a particular reference to Pakistan focusing on the challenges and opportunities in the prevalent scenario.