‘Few’ “urban areas” lifted from electricity crisis: PTI

Staff Report
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan tehreek-e-insaf (PTI) spokesman Fawad Choudhary, in a statement on Monday, refuted government claims of having eased the population from load-shedding by lashing, “As many as 42 percent of the feeders are not load shedding free” reminding “Load shedding will not end by merely extracting ‘few’ urban centres out of electricity crisis.”

“Rural areas across the country continue to face hours-long blackouts” flaying “Government absurdly claims to have ended load shedding” adding “Majority population lives in the rural areas and suffer from acute shortage of electricity,” he said.

Fawad mentioned, “Failed policies of pakistan muslim league nawaz (PML-N) have negatively affected the industry countrywide leading to a drop in exports.”

“No one other than PML-N can think of rejoicing over having imaginatively ended load shedding by bringing industry to halt” adding “Only way to lead Pakistan out of crisis is early elections,” he reminded.

Referring to information minister Maryam Aurangzeb he stated, “I extend my sympathies to our information minister who in order to keep her job has to deliver fake statements” reminding “Had such statements ever done any justice, ousted prime minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif will not have faced much humiliation.”

Earlier, power division minister Sardar Awais Leghari on Sunday announced, in an official statement, the lifting of load-shedding on 5,297 feeders with 14,915,221 (149.15 million) consumers across the country from Monday.

According to details, the 1,227 feeders in lahore electric supply company (LESCO), 748 feeders in Gujranwala electric power company (GEPCO), 896 feeders in Faisalabad electric supply company (FESCO), 204 feeders in Hyderabad electric supply company (HESCO), 24 feeders in Sukkur electric power company (SEPCO), 61 feeders in Quetta electric supply company (QESCO), 710 Feeders in Islamabad electric supply company (IESCO), 763 feeder in Multan electric power company (MEPCO), 309 feeders in Peshawar electric supply company (PESCO) and 29 feeders in tribal areas electricity supply company (TESCO) will be made load-shedding free from Monday.

According to reports, residential sectors within the federal capital such as “G sectors” experienced an “increase in load-shedding” rather than any decrease or no load shedding.