FM Qureshi applauds Pakistan-China’s “iron brotherhood”

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – March 3, 2021
ISLAMABAD: The foreign minister (FM) Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Chinese FM Wang Yi, Tuesday, formally commenced activities to celebrate 70 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China.

According to a press release, the virtual ceremony was simultaneously held in the federal capital and Beijing.

Speaking on the occasion, FM Qureshi reminded, “Our diplomatic relations were formally established on May 21, 1951,” appreciating “Since then the Pakistan-China relations have only grown from strength to strength” praising “In the past 70 years, our relationship has turned into an all-weather strategic co-operative partnership which is an anchor for peace, stability, and development in the region” recalling “I am proud to say that we were one of the first few countries to recognise China which was established after a remarkable and valiant struggle on October 1, 1949.

He continued, “Today’s China has passed through a miraculous phase of economic and social transformation” admiring “It has become the second largest economy of the world, the largest trading nation, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI), and hosts a world-class infrastructure across every nook and corner of a continent-sized country.”

FM Qureshi applauded, “China’s experience of poverty alleviation, bringing 800 million people out of poverty in three decades, has been unparalleled in human history” appreciating “We pay tribute to the Chinese leadership which has done an incredible job in changing the lives and destiny of its 1.4 billion people.”

He stated, “The two sides are coordinating at multilateral and regional fora and support each other on the issues of their core interest” reiterating “Pakistan adheres to one-China policy and China has stood by us in supporting our key strategic, economic, and developmental priorities.”

FM Qureshi said, “At the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in China, Pakistan immediately dispatched essential medical supplies to China to support its fight against COVID-19” reminding “President Arif Alvi, travelled to Beijing in March 2020 to express solidarity with the people and the government of China.”

He appreciated, “We are thankful to China for gifting us 500,000 doses of Sinopharm vaccine (a vaccine that aims to protect against COVID-19) that helped save lives of our frontline health workers (FHWs).”

FM Qureshi said, “Currently, over 28,000 Pakistani students are studying in China benefiting from China’s advanced educational system” revealing “We have established 7 sister-province and 13 sister-city relationships with China” elaborating “7 Pakistan study centres, 11 Urdu language departments in various Chinese universities, and four Confucius institutes in Pakistan are promoting cultural understanding between the two countries.”

He declared, “Pakistan supports Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visionary belt and road initiative (BRI) that has become a pivot for connectivity and global economic growth” hoping “As the flagship project of BRI, China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is set to become a high-quality demonstration project.”

The event was attended by high-ranking officials from both sides.