Druzhba-2020 storms hostage-site, kills terrorists, rescues hostages

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – November 19, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): During storming of the city and destruction of mock terrorists, the servicemen of Pakistan and Russia, within the framework of international exercise Friendship/Druzhba-2020, freed the hostages, Wednesday, and provided assistance to the conditionally wounded.

According to a press release, as per the plan of exercise, a group of terrorists had become entrenched in a residential building, to destroy them, they used joint special forces groups of the two countries.

Some units performed rope landing from Mi-17 helicopter and marched into the area of the special operation, while others were parachuted from M113 armoured personnel carriers (APCs) of the Pakistani armed forces.

During the cleaning of buildings, mixed reconnaissance groups secretly made their way into the territory of the captured building and carried out assault actions.

Also, the servicemen provided first aid to conditionally injured as a result of the explosion and worked out their evacuation.

For the first time during the assault, the teams spoke in Urdu and Russian languages at the same time.

As a result, the Russian special forces gained credible experience of joint actions at a foreign (Pakistani) training ground.

To create an environment as close as possible to the combat, simulation tools were used, including explosive packs, smoke bombs, and blank cartridges.

To disorient the enemy, sappers from the mixed groups of special forces of Pakistan and Russia secretly set up charges with a total mass of more than one kilogram (kg) in trinitrotoluene (TNT) equivalent and detonated at a remote distance in the area of the special operation.

The combat training tasks were worked out on the bases of the national anti-terrorist centre (NATC) in Pabbi, in preparation for the final stage of the joint military exercise Friendship 2020.

The first stage of the exercise took place at the training centre for special operations forces (SOF) of the Pakistani armed forces in the village of Tarbela.

More than 150 servicemen of the special forces units of Pakistani armed forces and a special forces company of the Russian southern military district (SMD) are involved in the exercise.

The closing ceremony is scheduled for November 19.

The purpose of the joint exercise is to strengthen and develop military cooperation between the armed forces of Pakistan and Russia.

The joint Pakistani-Russian military exercise Friendship is held since 2016, in which military personnel from the Russian armed forces take part in motorised rifle units and special purpose units (SPUs) of SMD stationed in Karachay-Cherkess and Stavropol.

The joint Pakistani-Russian exercise Friendship-2020 takes place from November 5 to 21 this year.