Druzhba-2020 finishes off with ‘joint tactical actions’

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday – November 17, 2020
MOSCOW (Russia): Pakistani and Russian military personnel demonstrated ‘joint tactical actions’ at Friendship/Druzhba-2020 international exercise, to Pakistan army (PA) representative major general (Maj Gen) Akhtar Nawaz.

According to a press release, on Monday, the first stage of the joint military exercise was carried out on the territory of the special operations forces (SOF) training ground in Tarbela settlement in Pakistan.

“We are deeply convinced that such exercises not only benefit our states, but also increase our level of coherence and mutual relations. They also help maintain peace and stability throughout the region. Such exercises help us to better understand each other, take a different look at traditions, learn from each other something new, and also increase the stability of security in the region,” PA representative Maj Gen Nawaz said.

“I looked at how the exercises are going and am more than satisfied with what I saw. And I am also very glad that you feel comfortable with all the necessary conditions that have been created for you,” he added.

“I am convinced that at the next stages of the exercise, more complex, rich and interesting episodes of combat training special operations await you. After the exercise, you will leave a wealth of experience for our servicemen, in turn, you will be able to share this experience with your comrades at home,” PA representative Maj Gen Nawaz mentioned.

To assess the actions of the military personnel, dome cameras were installed at the training sites, with the help of which video content was broadcasted in real time on the monitor screens.

More than 150 servicemen, of the Pakistani SOF and the Russian special forces company of the 49th combined arms army of the southern military district (SMD) stationed in the Stavropol territory, were involved in the tactical episode.

During the training, the personnel of the special forces carried out assault actions in urban conditions, blocking the urban area, conducting hostilities inside the building, when overcoming inter-floor passages, as well as releasing hostages from illegal armed groups.

In addition, the servicemen exchanged experience of joint actions in mountainous and wooded areas in isolation from the main forces, covert movement and action of snipers using rifles Remington 700 and M24, as well as parachute-free landing from a Mi-17 helicopter of domestic production, which are in service with the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

The servicemen practised tactical techniques when advancing to the line, opening fire and worked out coordinated actions as part of a combat two, three when performing tactical techniques on the ground.

In this exercise, for the first time, Russian servicemen performed combat training tasks using M4 assault rifles, Glock pistols, equipment and communications equipment of Pakistani army.

In addition, for the participants in the exercise, the Pakistani side held demonstration performances by servicemen of the PA.

The servicemen demonstrated methods of protection, shock and waste equipment with the use of small arms.

A spectacular episode of the event was the pursuit in cars of mock terrorists who took hostages. In the course of the battle, the mock terrorists were destroyed by an assault group in off-road vehicles. In addition, the concentrated fire was provided by snipers. As a result of the actions of superior forces, the “hostages” were released.

The final stage of the demonstration event was the performance of steam gliders, as well as parachutists, who jumped from a helicopter from a height of five thousand meters, while they overcame 3.5 thousand meters in free fall.

Then, on guided parachute systems, they carried in free flight the State flags of the Russian Federation, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as well as the flags of the Pakistani armed forces and the SOF of the Pakistani army.

The next stage of the exercise will take place at the national anti-terrorism center (NATC) in Pabbi, Pakistan.

The joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise Friendship has been held since 2016, in which military personnel from the Russian armed forces take part in motorised rifle units and special purpose units (SPUs) of SMD stationed in Karachay-Cherkess and Stavropol.