Don’t know if DPRK still is developing WMDs: China

By Monitoring Desk
Tuesday – July 3, 2018
BEIJING (China): Chinese foreign office (FO) spokesman Lu Kang addressing a regular press conference on Monday expressed unawareness with regards to a speculation that Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea (DPRK) despite having agreed to denuclearise is making progress in the manufacture of technologies for ballistic missiles, weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and other relevant facilities.

According to Kang, the situation on the Korean peninsula has taken a favorable turn. A positive momentum is building as the relevant parties are committed to advancing the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula through dialogue and properly addressing their legitimate concerns. 

As far as China is concerned, since the DPRK-United States (US) summit in Singapore on June 12, both sides have said that they will actively stay committed to following through on the consensus reached by the two leaders. 

We hope that all relevant parties can make constructive efforts to implement the consensus in a smooth way, sustain the momentum for detente and dialogue on the Korean peninsula and advance the denuclearisation process instead of doing the opposite.

China and the DPRK are friendly neighbours and our two sides maintain normal exchanges at all levels and in various areas.

We are truly gratified to see that recently the DPRK and the Republic of Korea (ROK) have conducted positive contacts and interactions in many fields and achieved more and more consensus and outcomes.

Under the current circumstances, the DPRK and the ROK, in accordance with the spirit of the Panmunjom declaration, hopefully will earnestly implement the consensus by their leaders at the two summits and continuously promote reconciliation and cooperation.

This can help cement their mutual trust and improve their relations, and play a positive role in sustaining and consolidating the momentum for detente on the Korean peninsula.

China always supports the DPRK and the ROK in improving their relations. We also hope that the international community can root for the two sides and play a constructive role in sustaining the momentum for dialogue, advancing the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and moving forward the political settlement process.