DPRK slams US on national security strategy

Saturday, 23 December 2017
PYONGYANG (North Korea): Democratic peoples’ republic of Korea (DPRK/north Korea) foreign ministry spokesman, on Friday, said, “The United States (US) national security strategy written and announced by the Donald Trump administration is, indeed, a typical outcome of Yankee-styled arrogance seeking total subordination of the entire world, to the interests of the US” lashing “It is a criminal document which clearly reflects the gangster-like nature of Trump, who likes to create trouble and fish in troubled waters;” Korean central news agency (KCNA) reported on Saturday.

This has fully revealed that “America first policy” which the gang of Trump is crying out loudly about is nothing but proclamation of aggression aimed at holding sway over the world according to its taste and at its own free will.

The US administrations continue to change and hence the diplomatic and security policies also change this or that way. However, there is no change at all in the strategic goal of the US to achieve hegemony over the world by means of force and particularly, the goal to stifle our country and turn the entire Korean peninsula into an outpost for seeking that hegemony remains unchanged.

Out of our will to safeguard the peace and stability on the Korean peninsula and put an end to the nuclear threat and blackmail and the hostile policy of the US, we held bilateral talks with the US and various forms of multilateral talks such as the four party talks and the six party talks over the last two decades and during the course we had reached some agreements.

However, the previous US administrations threw all the agreements reached with us into a garbage can like waste paper under the absurd assumption that the DPRK will collapse and indulged only in attempts at onward nuclear threat and blackmail as well as sanctions and pressure designed to obliterate the DPRK, even branding it as a “rogue state,” “axis of evil,” “outpost of tyranny” and “target of pre-emptive nuclear strike.”

We chose the road of possessing the nuclear weapons to defend our sovereignty and rights to existence and development in the face of ever increased hostile moves and nuclear threats and blackmail of the US.

We are convinced that the only way to ensuring a lasting peace on the Korean peninsula is to have the deterrence that ensures a practical balance of force with the US.

The international society should keep vigilance against the manoeuvres of the gang of Trump to invade and control the DPRK with force by igniting a nuclear war at any cost in the Korean peninsula and clearly see through the ulterior motive behind its repeated talk of dialogue, designed to cover up its evil intention and mock the world.

The gang of Trump likes to pose itself as if its country is a world superpower. However, the US is nothing but a corpse going to the grave.