Cyprus honorary consul general calls on Senate chairman

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – September 22, 2020
ISLAMABAD: Senate chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani mentioned to honorary consul general of the Republic of Cyprus Mian Habib Ullah, Monday, that Pakistan and Cyprus enjoy cordial historic relations in different areas of mutual interest including political, social and trade however there is a need to further cement the bilateral ties through exchange of parliamentary and other delegations.

According to an official statement, the honorary consul general of the Republic of Cyprus Habib Ullah called on Senate chairman Sanjrani, at the parliament house, in the federal capital.

Senate chairman Sanjrani said that boosting the parliamentary relations will not only enhance the chances for better trade relations but will also augment the existing political ties between the two countries.

The honorary consul general of the Republic of Cyprus Habib Ullah briefed Senate chairman Sanjrani about the efforts for enhancing the trade relations and the problems being faced by 5,000 students from Cyprus studying in Pakistan.

Senate chairman Sanjrani responded that all out efforts will be made to provide better facilities to students from Cyprus in Pakistan, as they are not only the ambassadors of their country but will also serve as a source of improving the cultural and social ties between the two sides.

He held that a large number of Pakistani students are also studying in Cyprus and that incumbent expects that they will also be properly facilitated.

Senate chairman Sanjrani called for exchange of delegations from chambers of commerce of both the countries to increase the bilateral trade volume and assured that the upper house of the parliament will continue to play a proactive role in this regard.