China slams the US on leaving a mess in Afghanistan

By Monitoring Desk
Wednesday – August 25, 2021
BEIJING (China): China’s foreign office (FO) spokesperson Wang Wenbin observed, on Tuesday, that the United States (US) can arbitrarily launch military intervention in a country without shouldering the responsibility for the suffering of the people in the relevant country; it gets to decide when it wants to come and leave without consulting the international community, not even its allies.

According to a press release, he continued: what is happening in Afghanistan clearly reveals the US definition of “rules” and “order,” it can wantonly smear, suppress, coerce and bully other countries for the sake of “America First” without paying any price.

This is the kind of order that the US wants. It always tries to defend its selfishness and bullying and hegemonic actions by citing “rules” and “order”.

The current situation in Afghanistan is evolving, driven mainly by internal factors.

External factors can play a role, but only through internal ones.

China hopes that various multilateral mechanisms will be sensitive, balanced and professional in dealing with the Afghan issue, and play a constructive role, with an aim to promote early smooth transition of Afghan situation and help the nation to embark on a path of peace, stability and development at an early date.

Afghanistan is an independent sovereign country.

The US and its allies should learn from the past experience, and deeply reflect upon and act prudently on Afghanistan-related issues.

The international community should encourage and work for the positive developments of the Afghan situation, support peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan, and assist the nation to improve people’s livelihood and enhance its ability to achieve self-development.

Wantonly slapping sanctions and exerting pressure solves no problem and will only be counterproductive.

China holds that while promoting steady transition of Afghan situation and reconstruction, it is necessary for the international community to consider how to prevent such acts as military intervention in other countries under the pretext of democracy from happening again.

We should not allow the tragedy that Afghan people and the international community, regional countries in particular, to pay for the mistake made by certain country to happen again, China’s FO spokesperson Wenbin concluded.