China says embassy in Kabul to remain open

By Monitoring Desk
Sunday – September 5, 2021
BEIJING (China): China’s foreign office (FO) spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, on Friday, that the Chinese embassy in Afghanistan is an important channel for China-Afghanistan exchanges and that the embassy is in normal operation.

According to a press release, he continued: China sincerely hopes all parties of Afghanistan can echo the eager aspiration of the Afghan people and common expectation of the international community, build an open and inclusive political structure, adopt moderate and prudent domestic and foreign policies, make a clear break with terrorist organisations in all forms and live in good terms with all countries, especially neighbouring countries.

The new Afghan government is not formed yet, which we are following closely.

It is China’s sincere hope that all parties in Afghanistan will go with the Afghan people’s eager aspiration and the international community’s expectation to resolve differences through consultation and ensure a steady transition so that the people of this war-torn country can live free from war and conflict and build lasting peace at an early date.

China has been handling related issues in line with the spirit of the United Nations (UN) convention relating to the status of refugees and its protocols.

We believe the most pressing issue currently is to work for a soft-landing of the Afghan situation to avoid any new civil war or humanitarian disaster in Afghanistan and prevent any undue casualty or refugees at a large scale.

We also want to point out that countries concerned should be accountable for what they did over the past 20 years instead of taking to their heels after having created major disasters in Afghanistan or shifting the blame to Afghanistan’s neighbours and the international community.

China and Afghanistan are traditionally friendly neighbours. We always follow a friendly policy towards the entire Afghan people. China has long supported peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan, provided much assistance to its socioeconomic development and played a positive role in its endeavour to realise self-reliant growth and improve livelihood.

China-Afghanistan cooperation under the belt and road initiative (BRI) framework has also delivered tangible benefits to our two peoples. We’ve noticed that the Afghan Taliban has stated its commitment to fostering an enabling environment for foreign investors.

It also believes that the BRI can contribute to national and regional development and prosperity, and hopes to continue to support and participate in it.

We hope there will be a steady transition in Afghanistan to deliver enduring peace and stability, which is the premise for external cooperation, and foreign investment and business presence in the country, China’s FO spokesperson Wenbin concluded.