China, not India, owns Dong Lang: Kang

Monitoring Desk
Saturday - January 20, 2018
BEIJING (China): Chinese foreign office (FO) spokesman Lu Kang, on Friday, recalling the China-India stand-off area of Dong Lang and the ongoing preposterous debate in India, declared, “The Dong Lang area is China’s territory and has always been under China’s effective jurisdiction” asserting “China has been carrying out infrastructure building activities in the area such as road building to improve the living and working conditions of local soldiers and residents, which is absolutely legitimate and lawful as we are exercising our sovereign rights in our own territory.”

Kang continued, “There is no dispute about that” lashing “China will never throw comments on India’s construction activities in its own territory.”

He whipped, “So, we believe that other countries (India) shall not make inappropriate remarks on China’s sovereign acts in its own territory.”

Kang reminded, “Regarding that stand-off incident in Dong Lang which was caused by the illegal trespassing of the Indian border troops, the senior official of the Indian military also acknowledged that it was the Indian troops that made the illegal crossing.”

He flogged, “This incident put China-India relations under grave tests” lashing “We hope that the Indian side could learn its lesson and avoid a recurrence.”

Kang coached, “Leaders of the two sides reached important consensus on further improving and developing China-India relations under the new circumstance at the Xiamen BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and south Africa) summit last September.”

He warned, “We hope that the relevant party in India could earnestly follow the important consensus reached by the two leaders, work in the same direction, and jointly maintain peace and stability of the border area and the improvement and development of China-India relations.”