China lashes India on LAC face-off

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – June 18, 2020
BEIJING (China): China’s foreign office (FO) spokesman Zhao Lijian, Wednesday, remarking on the recent China-India face-off at the line of actual control (LAC), lashed, “The facts are straightforward, so are the rights and wrongs. It happened on the Chinese side of the LAC. The onus is not on China.”

According to an official statement, quoting the people’s liberation army (PLA) western theatre command spokesperson, Chinese FO spokesman Lijian said, “Indian troops broke their promises and again crossed the LAC in the Galwan Valley region on June 15’s evening and purposely launched provocative attacks, leading to severe clashes and casualties.”

He recalled, “In order to ease the situation in the border areas, China and India had been in close communication through diplomatic and military channels” reminding “On June 6, border troops of the two sides had a commander-level meeting where important consensus was reached to lower tensions on the ground.”

Chinese FO spokesman Lijian disclosed, “However, shockingly, on June 15, the Indian troops seriously departed from such consensus, crossed the LAC for illegal activities, and provoked and attacked Chinese personnel, which caused violent physical clashes between the two sides.”

He informed, “The Chinese side has made strong protests and stern representations with the Indian side, demanding it to earnestly abide by the relevant consensus, strictly restrain its front-line troops, immediately stop all infringing and provocative actions, and refrain from any unilateral actions that will further complicate the situation.”

Chinese FO spokesman Lijian mentioned, “The border troops of the two sides are dealing with the specifics on the ground” adding “Since the incident happened, both sides have affirmed commitment to resolve disputes through dialogue and uphold peace and tranquility in the border areas.”

He preached, “As the two largest developing countries and emerging markets, China and India have far more common interests than differences” adding “Both sides need to faithfully follow the important consensus reached between the two leaders to ensure that China-India relations will proceed along the right track in line with the interests and expectations of the two peoples.”

Chinese FO spokesman Lijian wished, “We hope that the Indian side will work with us and meet the Chinese side halfway.”

He reassured, “China and India have agreed to keep on the track of dialogue and consultation to resolve the relevant issue and work to alleviate the situation on the ground and uphold peace and tranquility in the border areas.”

Chinese FO spokesman Lijian asserted, “China and India are in close communication on the relevant issue through diplomatic and military channels. The situation overall in the border areas is stable and controllable.”

He concluded, “For us, obviously we don’t want to see more clashes.”