China flays US over “disruptive force” comment

Monitoring Desk
Saturday - January 20, 2018
BEIJING (China): Chinese foreign office (FO) spokesman Lu Kang, on Friday, responding to United States (US) pacific command chief admiral Harry Harris, alleging China a “disruptive force” questioned, “If someone is feeling agitated and thinks that China is a destructive force, we are curious to know what on earth are they afraid of being destroyed?” lashing “Undeniably, some people in some countries do find it difficult to let go of their ‘anxiety’ towards China.”

Kang continued, “This US military officer mentioned three association of southeast Asian nations (ASEAN) countries in his remarks, claiming that they were also concerned about China’s development” ridiculing “Well, we have never heard from these three countries talking about such concerns” educating “I think it is not a very good habit to speak so readily for other countries.”

He said, “As for the remarks made by Japanese officer admiral Katsutoshi Kawano, I want to say that China is resolute in safeguarding its territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests in the east China sea” reminding “The two sides are in communication and contacts in this regard.”

According to reports, at a forum in New Delhi, the US, India and Japan said they were concerned over the growing assertiveness of China in the indo-pacific region as well as in other international waters.

Kang lashed, “Japan must stop saying one thing, like wanting to improve China-Japan ties, while doing the opposite” whipping “We hope that Japan could match its words with concrete actions.”

He said, “As regards to the international order, we believe in a new type of international relations featuring mutual respect, equality and justice, and win-win cooperation.”

Kang mentioned, “China is always committed to the path of peaceful development” adding “That is what we have been saying, and that is also what we have been doing.”

He highlighted, “I believe, the logic runs like if China endeavors to build a type of international relations like that, and if one truly loves peace and champions common develop, there should be no reason to feel anxious about.”

Kang said, “As China develops, it will play an increasingly positive role in the international community and offer more constructive public goods to the international community, things like the belt and road initiative under the principle of shared benefits through consultation and contribution.”

He added, “Everyone should view that in an objective light” concluding “It is better to pay attention to how the majority of the international community responds and comments.”