China flays India on LAC dispute

By Monitoring Desk
Friday – September 18, 2020
BEIJING (China): China’s foreign office (FO) spokesperson Wang Wenbin, addressing a regular press conference, on Thursday, slammed the Indian military hand-in-hand the Indian government on maintaining the line of actual control (LAC) dispute.

According to an official statement, he said, “Like I said in my reply to Indian correspondents yesterday, the Chinese border troops have always strictly observed the relevant agreements between the two countries and are committed to safeguarding China’s territorial sovereignty and maintaining peace and stability in the border areas.”

China’s FO spokesperson Wenbin educated, “What is pressing now is that the Indian side should immediately correct its mistake, disengage on the ground as soon as possible and take concrete actions to ease the tension and lower the temperature along the border.”

Earlier on Wednesday, he said, “China’s position on the China-India boundary issue is consistent and clear” reminding “China has always strictly observed the relevant agreements signed by the two countries and is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the China-India border areas, while firmly safeguarding national territorial sovereignty and security.”

China’s FO spokesperson Wenbin flayed, “The responsibility for the recent border situation between China and India does not lie with the Chinese side” slamming “The Indian side is the first to violate bilateral agreements and important consensus, make provocations with illegally border-crossing, unilaterally changing the status quo of the border area, and fire shots to threaten the safety of the Chinese border troops.”

He reminded, “Recently, the foreign ministers of China and India met in Moscow and reached five-point consensus on the current situation” adding “We hope that India will work with China in the same direction, follow the important consensus reached by the leaders of the two countries, put the differences in the proper place in bilateral relations, prevent them from escalating into disputes and avoid taking actions that may escalate the situation.”

China’s FO spokesperson Wenbin said, “China will continue to maintain dialogue and consultation with India through diplomatic and military channels and jointly make efforts to safeguard peace and tranquility in the border areas.”