China confirms missile-shield deployment in Nansha

By Monitoring Desk
Friday – May 4, 2018
BEIJING (China): Chinese foreign office (FO) spokesperson Hua Chunying, addressing a regular press conference, confirmed the deployment of missile defence system in Nansha islands on Thursday and maintained that China has indisputable sovereignty over the concerned islands and the adjacent waters.

According to Chunying, our peaceful construction activities on the Nansha islands, including the deployment of necessary national defense facilities, are meant to safeguard China’s sovereignty and security, which is also the rights a sovereign state is entitled to.

The relevant missile-shield deployment targets no one. Anyone with no invasive intention will find no reason to worry about this.

We hope that the relevant party could view this matter in an objective and calm way. I must stress that China is a big country in terms of trade, and also a staunch champion of regional peace and stability.

We will continue to work with all countries to maintain peace and stability in the south China sea.

We have said that China welcomes the visit by the United States (US) delegation headed by the US president’s special envoy and treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to discuss trade issue between the two sides.

“We welcome talks as long as they are based on equality and mutual respect, the result of which shall be mutually beneficial” adding “Let us all wait and see,” she concluded.