Cellular issues will be resolved: IT-T minister Haque

By Staff Reporter
Thursday – May 7, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The information technology and telecommunication (IT-T) minister Syed Amin-ul-Haque, Wednesday, said that the issues of cellular mobile operators will be resolved.

According to an official statement, the IT-T minister Haque was talking to the Jazz chief executive officer (CEO) Aamir Ibrahim, who called on him in his office, on Wednesday.

The IT-T minister Haque welcomed the Jazz CEO Ibrahim in his office, and matters related to telecommunication, digitalisation, spectrum allocation and broadband were discussed.

Jazz CEO Ibrahim said that consumers will get benefit by ending withholding tax.

The IT-T minister Haque ensured the resolving of the issues of cellular mobile operators.

Donation by Jazz towards corona relief fund were also discussed during meeting.

The IT-T minister lauded Jazz for this step and said that its benefit must reach to public.

Meanwhile, national information technology board (NITB) executive director Shabahat Ali also met with IT-T minister and briefed him about the working and functioning of NITB.