CNS reviews operational preparedness, combat readiness

By Staff Reporter
Friday – November 13, 2020
RAWALPINDI: The chief of naval staff (CNS) admiral Muhammad Amjad Khan Niazi visited Gwadar, Thursday, whereat he was apprised about ongoing operations of the maritime security task force-88 (TF-88), coastal security (CS) and harbour defence force (HDF) to ensure maritime security of Gwadar port and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) projects.

According to inter services public relations (ISPR) press release, CNS also visited Jinnah naval base and Pakistan navy (PN) Ormara cadet college where he was received by coast commander (CC) vice admiral Zahid Ilyas.

Speaking on the occasions, he highlighted the importance of maritime security which increased manifold in the context of ongoing CPEC projects.

CNS admiral Niazi highlighted the dividends of CPEC related projects which are intrinsically linked with security of the maritime domain.

He stressed that responsibilities of PN will continue to grow in coming years.

CNS admiral Niazi reaffirmed PN’s resolve to safeguard the maritime boundaries and maritime interests of the nation at all costs and also appreciated the morale, selfless devotion and commitment of the deployed troops to defend the maritime frontiers.

Earlier, he visited PN units at the coastal areas of Turbat, Gwadar and Ormara to review the operational preparedness and combat readiness.

Upon arrival at PN ship (PNS) Siddique, the naval air station at Turbat, the CNS was received by Pakistan fleet commander (FC) rear admiral Naveed Ashraf.

CNS admiral Niazi was briefed on the operations of naval air arm followed by interaction with the troops.