CAP pledges to donate 5 million face masks

By Staff Reporter
Tuesday – May 12, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The chainstore association of Pakistan (CAP) and its member brands, Monday, came forward to help Pakistanis fight the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) by pledging to donate five million cotton face masks.

According to an official statement, this collaboration brings together over 200 of Pakistan’s leading retail brands together for a common united philanthropic endeavour.

In conjunction with the information and broadcasting ministry, this united initiative aims to launch the global #Masks4All campaign in Pakistan and shall work together to manufacture and donate cotton masks via its distribution partner, – an initiative of Zaman Foundation.

#Masks4All is a global grassroots campaign to show how governments of Japan, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Austria, South Korea, etc., have made cotton/home-made face masks mandatory in public and that they were able to control the spread of the virus very quickly.

Countries with mandatory mask laws have 100x lower COVID-19 rates than other countries.

CAP intends to partner with the government to make this a national movement of all members of society men/women/stitchers/tailors, etc., making cotton/cloth masks at home so that the entire nation can mobilise and accomplish this task without direct government help.

This pledge inaugurates one of the most potent public-private partnerships in response to the novel coronavirus by bringing together multiple organisations aligned towards one common goal: Pakistanis helping Pakistanis.