C-PSM Saeed launches e-bidding system in NHA

By Staff Reporter
Friday – December 4, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The communications and postal services minister (C-PSM) Murad Saeed launched the e-bidding system in national highway authority (NHA), Thursday, to pave the way to ensure transparency in process of award of contracts to NHA schemes.

According to a press release, to this effect, a simple ceremony was held at the NHA head office in the federal capital.

C-PSM Saeed said, “As per good governance vision of prime minister (PM) Imran Khan, the NHA has begun the e-bidding system that will make bidding process transparent, efficient and easy.”

After coming into power, he recalled, the incumbent regime focused on affairs like accountability, transparency and provision of relief to people and made practical advances towards e-governance.

C-PSM Saeed appreciated, “Start of e-bidding by NHA is encouraging as heavy amounts in billions of rupees are involved in motorways’ and highways’ building schemes.”

He mentioned, “NHA is endeavouring to undertake road building projects on public private partnership (PPP) basis.”

C-PSM Saeed announced, “Sukkur-Hyderabad motorway project will begin next year.”

“More steps will be taken to bring about improvements in financial and administrative affairs of the NHA,” he assured.

The communications secretary Zafar Hasan said, “NHA has developed a good e-bidding system in short period that will not only make the bidding process transparent, but will also save time.”

In future, he continued, the performance of institutions will be evaluated on the basis of the use of technology.

Communications secretary Hasan mentioned, “Pragmatic steps will be undertaken to employ modern techniques in affairs of the authority.”

NHA chairman captain (retired) Sikander Qayyum said, “Target given to NHA to bring about transparency stands achieved by the launch of the e-bidding system.”

“All the stakeholders were taken on board during development process of this system, in the first phase, the e-bidding system will be employed on maintenance projects and later with gradual up-gradation, it’s range will be extended to other projects,” he added.

The salient features of e-bidding system includes the user account creation, online tender creation, the bid submission, tender evaluation and the notification of award.

Senior officers of communications ministry and the NHA were also present.