C-PC-K Afridi raises IIOJK cry

By Staff Reporter
Wednesday – August 12, 2020
ISLAMABAD: The chairman of parliamentary committee on Kashmir (C-PC-K), Shehryar Afridi, Tuesday said that the Indian government has unleashed a reign of terror against the Indian minorities and Muslims specifically are being lynched under a vicious plan of genocide.

According to an official statement, he was addressing the participants of a seminar, at Pakistan institute of parliamentary services (PIPS), with regard to the “world minorities’ day,” C-PC-K Afridi said that the sole objective to observe this day is to make the entire world realise the significance of the rights of minorities.

He said that the world community carries a responsibility to provide the right to self determination for the people of Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

C-PC-K Afridi asserted that the world needs to learn from the way Pakistan has set a model of equal treatment to its minorities.

He said that in February this year, 36 Muslims were butchered, some even burned to death by the Hindu mobsters in India’s capital, Delhi, while scores of mosques were also razed to ground.

“The Hindu mobsters were publicly praised by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) parliamentarians who support the Hindu terror group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS),” C-PC-K Afridi lashed and demanded that the Indian atrocities being meted out against the minorities in general and Kashmiris in particular must be put to an end.

“It’s about time that the developed world intervenes before it is too late. India under a genocide plan is killing its minorities and Muslims are a special target of the Indian subjugation,” he said and grieved that the Indian incumbent regime although claims to be secular but practices the Hindutva agenda.

“If Muslims are the target today, it were the Sikhs who got massacred in 1984. It’s not only about Muslims but also the, lowest caste Hindu, Dalits and Christians who are being systematically exterminated,” C-PC-K Afridi reminded.

He recalled that the world plunged into two chaotic world wars primarily due to the combined negligence of world nations in providing justice to the oppressed.

C-PC-K Afridi warned that if the United Nations (UN) and the prosperous world fails to stop the systematic bloodshed and ethnic cleansing of Kashmiris in India, IIOJK may become a nuclear flash point of which the impact will be borne even beyond the region.

The Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) president Sardar Masood said that the Kashmiri society is very compassionate and that there is complete religious freedom for minorities in the AJK.

He said that the BJP led RSS regime was propagating and practicing fascism. AJK president Masood reminded that unlike Pakistan which was created in the name of Islam, India was created in the name of secularism. However, he grieved, the BJP government had unleashed a reign of terror towards the Indian Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and lowest caste Hindu Dalits.

AJK president Masood said the people of IIOJK have been killed, maimed, incarcerated under a plan to turn the Muslim-majority State of IIOJK into a minority.

“The world community needs to take notice of the systematic cleansing of Kashmiris: there will be no Kashmiri to defend in the next two to three years,” he lamented and held that if the world fails to intervene to put an end to the ongoing massacre, the world will be equally responsible along-with the terror group RSS for the Kashmiris’ genocide.

AJK president Masood said that a large number of Hindus are being migrated to IIOJK to change the demography of Kashmir.

The comprehensive disaster response services (CDRS) head Todd Shea, a United States (US) citizen working to help earthquake victims in AJK said that the hypocrisy of the US and its media reflected a very wrong picture of Pakistan.

“When I came to Pakistan to help the earthquake victims, I was shown a negative picture of Pakistan. But Pakistanis gave my colleagues and nuns more dignity and respect. This reflects how well the minorities are treated here," he said.

CDRS head Shea deplored that just across the border, we see how minorities are being treated in India and other regional countries.

“Pakistan is far ahead of the countries in the region in terms of treatment to minorities. Pakistan is a great nation and it needs to be treated better by the world,” he asserted.

The former prime minister (PM), hailing from Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPP-P), Raja Parvez Ashraf said that Pakistan is a bouquet that has all religious colours and fragrances. He denounced the maltreatment of Indian minorities and urged the developed world to intervene and pressurise the Indian incumbent regime to ensure equal rights to the minorities.

“If everything is all right in IIOJK, then why has India stationed 900,000 troops there. One day Kashmiris will set themselves free from the tyrant Indian occupation,” he maintained.

The national council of churches (NCC) president bishop Azad Marshal said, “The Quaid-e-Azam wanted minorities to be treated equally in Pakistan. The Christians in Punjab assembly during the 1940s had voted for Pakistan. We value our guaranteed religious freedom and equal treatment by the government. We are included in the flag of Pakistan and my brethren have sacrificed themselves for the country.”

NCC president Marshal said that there have been 15,000 reported incidents of looting, vandalising and burning of Christian churches in India and that we also condemn the atrocities against Kashmiris and we pray that Kashmiris are freed from the occupation of India at earliest.

The national assembly (NA) member (MNA) Ramesh Kumar Vankwani said that he had visited a peach temple in AJK which reflects how Pakistan has been preserving the rich cultural and religious heritage of minorities.

He labelled himself a proud Pakistani who has been working hard for the freedom of IIOJK and addressing minorities as non-Muslim citizens of Pakistan, MNA Vankwani said that he had conducted research on the State of Madinah which proved that the life of the Holy Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) was a symbol of love for all humanity.

He said that the Indian maltreatment towards its minorities had put a question mark on the Indian claim of being a secular country.

A provincial assembly member (MPA) Ranjeet Singh said that there is no doubt that the minorities in Pakistan are enjoying equal rights. “We observed black day on August the fifth recently and the way we see treatment meted out to Kashmiris and the Indian atrocities being committed by Indian army, we feel proud to be a part of Pakistan.

“I am a proud Pakistani and I condemn the Indian atrocities against Kashmiri Muslims and also the suppressed Sikh community in India. Pakistan perhaps is the only country where the minorities’ day is observed with fervour,” he added.

The Jamia Junaidia head Peerzada Adnan Qadri reminded that Islam has always taught to respect people of other faiths and religions.