Alamgir: Power and Pride - E.2/2

By Anis Shakur
Sunday – December 1, 2019
NEW YORK (United States): His admirers take pleasure in the fact that Alamgir came up with superb performances in quite a few countries. Further, he could render songs in many languages as well.

Songs like these two emblazoned in one’s mind: ‘Mein sapnay teray sung liye,’ ‘koi to rehta hai sansoan mein.’ Its equivalents are songs like ‘keh day na,’ and ‘Jugni.’

The lusty tone he evokes from his musical instruments, the sheer brilliance of the musical notes he produces, the way he makes the composition, he plays uniquely his own. Most definitely, Alamgir has won over the hearts of his myriad of admirers in the two songs below:

‘Khwaboan mein main bhi akela, akela naheen,’

‘Ye bheegi ratain.’

Furthermore, Alamgir holds a singular place in our hearts with songs like these two:

‘Abhi to tu hai jawan.’


Add to all, is a brilliant wit, and verve that is inexhaustible, and you will perfectly understand how, with such resources, a man as Alamgir can attain appropriateness to his presentation, without even spoiling the quality and merits of his singing voice. Here are two examples:

‘Hum aik hain.’

‘Dil nay kahi jo baat.’

Better yet, Alamgir renewed the passion in our lives with songs like these two ‘Ye din agar khwab ho jaayain,’ ‘Dosti.’

Alamgir became one of the most enchanting singers of the 1970s and 1980s. Further, his antics gives a vintage quality to the show. Below are two examples:

‘Wo mera kya hai.’

‘Ek, do teen, chaar, paanch.’

Alamgir’s popularity soared in response to public’s perception. His youth aside, he is noteworthy. It was a sublime moment when Alamgir sang these two songs: 

‘Pyar, pyar.’

Jeewan qalandar.’

Likewise, ‘Hum loag yehe dua maangein,’ immensely appealed to audiences.

Indeed, the secret of Alamgir’s success is that he loses himself in his music. The two songs below are a salutary trend as well: ‘Koko korina.’
Dama dam mast qalandar.’

It is seldom that a singer is widely lauded for his talents in so many voices, and on so many instruments. These two songs in Alamgir’s voice are as impressionable as ever: ‘Janay mujhay phir kya ho gaya,’ ‘Aik titli pharakti jaaye.’ Better yet, The song ‘Jab say deikha hai tumhain,’ leaves a deep and indelible impression on the public.

Observing at what ordinary folks have done makes us look afresh at every artist and imagine possibilities. When it comes to Alamgir’s songs, one brushes tears of laughter and deeper emotion from his eyes as one listens to songs like the two below:

‘Aanay say uskay Aaye bahaar.’

‘Mein tujhay tu mujhay chahay.’

Alamgir scored big with songs like ‘Aao kaheen dooor chalain.’

In a more fulsome tribute, one of Alamgir’s devoted admirers said, ‘he is hooked and he have been ever since he is listening to Alamgir’s songs. Below are two such songs:

‘Ho janay jana.’

‘Lo jhug gaya Aasmaan.’

Obviously, Alamgir is a man who radiates pride in the choices he has made. He attained name and fame with songs like these two:

‘Aik larki ko deikha to aisa laga.’

‘Billo day ghar.’

That said Alamgir has been one of the creative minds of music for quite some time. He increasingly found opportunities to show his dramatic abilities notably in the two songs below:

‘Zindigi kay safar.’

‘Mein nay to kar liya hai milnay ka faisla.’

Alamgir has always been, is, and I hope that he will be ambitious and motivated. In the song ‘Baharo phool barsao,’ the words torn straight from Alamgir’s soul.

Alamgir moves forward with hope and belief in himself. The three songs below catapulted him into instant fame, and he will remain one of Pakistan’s most ambitious singers for years to come: 

‘Badal bhi aur paani bhi.’

‘Tum meri Aankein ho mein khwab jaisa hoon.’

‘Paas Aa kar koi.’

The praise bestowed on Alamgir is awesome. Some of his songs also sprang from personal experiences. He recorded songs after hilarious songs like these three songs, ‘Koi bhi rang ho tera.’ ‘Is ko naam junoon ka deido.’ ‘Ja jani.’ Alamgir’s consistent, relentless efforts lead to yet another all-time great masterpiece, ‘Soona, soona, jiwan apna,’ The rest, as they say, is history. In addition, what a history it has been!

Alamgir earned music Awards in North Korea, Sri Lanka and South Africa. Alamgir earned the Nigar Award for best singer in the 1977 film Aa’ena.’ Alamgir earned the Pride of Performance Award in Pakistan in 2013.

Most of all, Alamgir earned the Lifetime Achievement Award, notably for his magnificent tribute to the Pakistan Air Force, Viz; ‘tum he say aye mujahedo jahan ka sabaat hai,’ in 2019.

Alamgir stopped for the day in 1993. However, not before witnessing his music win a generation of new music lovers. Later, Alamgir moved to Arlington, Virginia.

Alamgir is 65 years of age in 2019 and, though past the early bloom, is yet in all the luster of life.

To finish listening Alamgir’s songs is to return from the resplendent land of dreams, where we had flown. Essentially, every listener desires the moment to last forever.

Info: Eminent storyteller, Anis Shakur, is a Pakistani born United States (US) citizen. He works for the US federal and State government. He resides at a stone-throw distance from the darting shores of the Atlantic ocean in New York, for the past three decades.