Aima Baig: As I understand her

By Anis Shakur
Friday – October 2, 2020
NEW YORK (United States): Joseph Campbell, known for his work on comparative mythology, once asserted ‘follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.’ That said let us explore how Aima managed to open the doors of opportunities via bliss.

Laganay aag jo aaye thay aashiyanay ko, wo sholay apnay lahu say bujha diye tum nay.

Aima Noor-ul-Ain Baig was born on March 10, 1989, in Lahore, Pakistan. Smitten by music in her school days, Aima derived inspiration from her father as well, who used to recite Hamd-o-Na’at. However, she was not able to receive music lessons from a tutor.

Unfortunately, her mother suffered from cancer. In any event, in times due course, Aima successfully graduated from the college. A captivating artist as she is, Aima always returns to her first love, music, as a butterfly attracted to the flower.

A gifted singer and an enlightened, graceful woman, one fine morning Aima happened to visit the cancer hospital. She communicated with the adult cancer patients in general and the children in particular.

Some of the kids were so young and innocent; they did not even understand they suffered from this dreadful disease, while Aima and her colleagues realised the gravity of the situation and the pain and anguish of those little patients.

Aima understood instantly that the cancer patients look towards us for support and assurance. It was an indescribable feeling for her as if she called to it. Aima’s approach is brilliant; soon she embarked upon ‘fight against cancer’ campaign.

Since her unique asset is her vocals and she is using it to the best of her ability, Aima’s endeavour paid dividends, as her ‘sing a song, touch a life,’ debut song released.

Aima for one, have been playing her decisive role and making her humble contribution toward this crucial national effort. In turn, she expect her countrymen to applaud and understand the true aim and objective of her struggle and to come forward and assist her in the achievement of her noble cause in the same spirit of selfless service to her country.

Indeed, Aima’s humility and human depth is nowhere evident as it is during her crusade against cancer.

Reverting to her music, during Aima’s illustrious three years, 2014 – 2016, her phenomenal performance is worth mentioning.

Aima and Mubasher Lucman teamed up to record ‘strawberries, cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring. Pragmatic and positive as Aima is, ‘strawberries’ exemplifies her utmost understanding and appreciation of a song.

The audience sense Aima’s zest as soon as the camera focuses on her. She smiles innocently; even her sheer looks evince a singer’s genuine feelings for the lyrics of the song.

Playing guitar, Aima lends her voice to the pretty melody of Jamayel Tanveer’ and songwriter Moiz Khan’s lovely lyrics ‘Sard raatoan mein yaaroan kay saath,’ in the winter of 2015. 

Under the dark shadows of evening (one wonders if it was under the full moon) while the listeners luxuriated themselves to the music and sipped bubbly soda to digest seekh kabab!

Bold and bodacious, Aima owes her rocket like rise in the show business to her superb capabilities. To read about Aima’s accomplishments is to experience a never-ending stream of feats that she has achieved in such a short period.

Moreover, Aima rendered the romantic song, ‘Badami aankhein jo teri deikhein,’ in the spirit of those days gone by. Astonishing Aima sang ‘Dil ki lagi kuchh aur bhi deewana karay,’ for ‘Mazaaq Raat, Duniya TV’.

As the times have changed so has the Pakistani show business. Romance speaks for itself in ‘Aankhein milanay walay, dil ko churanay walay,’ which Aima sang for Mazaaq Raat, (originally recorded in Nazia Hasan’s voice) and which Aima rendered in loving memory of Nazia Hasan.

It was quite conspicuous early on, that Aima is, indeed, a prodigy. She rose to fame with romantic songs like ‘Na wo aankhian roohani kaheen,’ for Mazaaq Raat.

Adroit, astounding, amicable, Aima sang ‘Sama hai ye pyar ka, kisi kay intezaar ka,’ for ‘Mehekti Morning.’

Love knows no boundaries and when it comes to ‘Lahore say Aagey,’ you will feel the heartbeat of the Lahore City with every step you take. Aima, the icon of individualism, recorded ‘Dil mein hain bay fiqriyaan,’ (Lahore say Aagey, 2016, original sound track)

Similarly, the song ‘Kalabaaz dil hai bairee, jaanay kya kahay,’ proved both its breadth and it’s depth. Moreover, Aima recorded the original soundtrack (OST) ‘Ehl-e-dil jee lo abhi jo hai pal yahaan.’ 

It was also a challenge as always, which Aima fulfilled with a blend sense of complacency and gusto.

Aima felt the exhilaration of victory as she sang ‘Kabhi jo badal barsay, mein deikhoan tujhay aankhein bharkay.’

Good as her words, Aima sang ‘Sanam re.’ Aima’s message to her loyal fans that are too many to count ought to be ‘to think out of the box.’

Apparently, Aima picked up every fibre of pain and pathos her head and heart could muster and poured it into the timeless lyrics and the poignant strains of ‘Aye rahay haq kay shaheedo, wafa ki taswero, tumhain watan ki hawayain salaam kehti hain,’ on defence of Pakistan day. Backing into history, ‘Shaheedo,’ originally recorded fifty-four years ago in Naseem Begum’s voice.

Doubtlessly, Aima’s very presence was the remembrance of those great humans who have uplifted Pakistan’s pride and who are a blessing to Pakistan.

Hence, it is essential that national songs like ‘Shaheedo’ must never reduce to afterglow and never fade from our memory. Say truth, our valiant soldiers sacrificed their ‘today,’ for our better ‘tomorrow.’

Going forward, Aima shows moments of placidity in her working and personal life and she retains the chain of serenity all the time. Thus Aima is relegated as one of the most enchanting and enduring celebrities of the present generation.

Further, Aima’s decency, demeanour, civility, wisdom and higher education should serve as a guidepost to the young generation that is in the making and to the posterity as well.

Aima’s true sentiments were echoed by the viewers as she sang ‘Nanhay haatoan,’ lyricist, Imran Raza, music composer, Sahir Ali Bagga, director, Jawad Sharif. Essentially, through her songs, Aima aspires the public to lend a helping hand to those who are less fortunate.

As for Imran Raza, the heartbreaking lyrics nanhay haatoan come from the profundity of his heart. Sahir Ali Bagga’s resplendent music is fraught with pathos and longing. Moreover, Jawad Sharif’s inimitable direction transformed nanhay haatoan into near art form, nay; it is a masterpiece.

Most importantly, the theme of nanhay haatoan is ‘education for every child.’ Moreover, this song inaugurated on the 68th independence-day of Pakistan on August 14, 2015, in the Islamabad convention centre. 

Furthermore, this exemplary national song also implies that as a respectable nation we must move forward with confidence on the threshold of greatness, in order to achieve for itself a place of honour and dignity in the comity of nations.

What is more, songs like nanhay haatoan must always be at the forefront of our once a year to do list.

Sagacious as she is, Aima’s facial expressions, the sad gaze in her eyes, and her breathtaking performance were overwhelming while nanhay haatoan pictured on her.

Regarding Aima’s qualities, what struck everybody was her inner serenity and her unimpeachable faith and integrity she has exuded through all these times, and which comes from the innermost recesses of her heart. Obviously, every watcher can discern the intensity in her body language.

Most definitely, Aima’s superlative presentation of songs has changed so many lives for the better. Pakistanis witness it day in and day out. Hence, it forcefully endorses Aima’s choice to utilise music as a tool to garner support for the betterment of fellow human.

The saying, ‘One’s attitude almost always determines his altitude in life,’ also applies to Aima. Since her exceptional human interaction is highly commendable and which led her attain one success after another in quick succession.

Aima’s story is one that crosses two worlds. On the one hand, she had been pursuing the university degree and on the other, she runs a fight against cancer.

Finally, yet importantly, no one has ever ruined his eyesight by looking at the bright side of life. That said, Aima, please look at the stars through your window, which is also used to look at the lawn. Keep on smiling!

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Info: Eminent storyteller, Anis Shakur, is a Pakistani born United States (US) citizen. He works for the US federal and State government. He resides at a stone-throw distance from the darting shores of the Atlantic ocean in New York, for the past three decades.