Bahrain-Israel begins newer journey in peace

By Monitoring Desk
Thursday – December 3, 2020
JERUSALEM (Israel): Bahraini industry, commerce and tourism minister (ICTM) Zayed bin Rashid Al-Zayani, in conversation with Israeli prime minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, said, “The entire world is watching, the peace has been signed, the diplomatic foundation has been laid.”

According to a press release, Israeli PM met with Bahraini ICTM, at his office, in the Israeli capital.

He continued, “We met with Israeli delegations in Bahrain, prior to our arrival here” asserting “It’s upon us now, as ministers of trade, commerce, industry and tourism to move forward to facilitate that, to forge the peace by having direct and constant integration between the business communities, which we believe will filter down even to the common citizens in Bahrain and Israel.”

Bahraini ICTM Al-Zayani mentioned, “The steps we are building today are everlasting steps for future generations. It was a courageous move by his majesty and yourself, and we thank you for that.”

He appreciated, “We thank the American administration, led by United States (US) president Donald Trump, for facilitating it, and we feel we are paving a new future for future generations to leave this world a better place for them than which we had inherited.”

Bahraini ICTM Al-Zayani promised, “We are genuine about this, we are fully committed, the pace we are moving at is quite fast, because we want to catch up on lost time.”

He concluded, “And we feel that there is a huge and immense opportunity to even develop it further, not just in terms of business—in terms of culture, sport, exchange, tourism—and that will hopefully come very quickly.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu said, “This is real peace that will open economic benefits that were unimaginable just a few months ago, I think this will broaden the circle of peace not only for our own two peoples, but for all countries in the Middle East and perhaps beyond.”

He continued, “This is the day when we realise peace, because of the courageous decision made by Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, because of the extraordinary energy and initiative of Bahrainis and Israelis who are eager to embrace one another, to get to know one another, to do business with one another in all there is: in tourism and commerce and industry” adding “You have quite a few portfolios, I have to say, and evidently you do very, very well with that.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu appreciated, “We have signed some agreements, we have more to go.”

Israeli PM Netanyahu mentioned, “US president Trump and his able peace team deserve a great deal of credit for helping bring about this peace agreement, I would say that it’s flourishing in many ways, including on Covid-19 (coronavirus), we will discuss cooperation on this, because things here are also moving at a very rapid pace. As you know, they are starting to inoculate in Britain, we are expecting inoculations here very soon as well.”

He concluded, “We will start the action, it will still take time until we will be able to complete it in a significant manner, but the rules need to be followed until then, there can be no complacency towards the end; we cannot get into that, but the end is in view.”