Approx 550 fake degree holders in PIA: AM Sarwar

By Staff Reporter
Thursday – June 11, 2020
ISLAMABAD: In the national assembly (NA) aviation minister (AM) Ghulam Sarwar, Wednesday, talking about Pakistan international airlines (PIA) crash, grieved that approximately 550 employees of PIA were found to be having fake degrees, and thanked the supreme court (SC) on whose orders the degrees of PIA pilots along-with technical ground handlers were verified.

According to an official statement, AM Sarwar said that he welcomed the 7 questions put up by the opposition in the NA and added that he wants to put forth the 8th question which focuses on the “mental and physical tests” of the serving pilots.

AM Sarwar said that to make the inquiry process more transparent and credible, he has requested the international federation of air line pilots’ association (IFALPA) to provide one pilot and one technical expert to be a part of the investigation team.

He said that the incumbent has compensated 82 families of the deceased by giving them Rs. 10 lakh and mentioned that 95 dead bodies have been identified and handed over to the families of the martyrs of flight PK 8303 crash.

AM Sarwar said that the damaged houses on the ground are being surveyed by the civil aviation authority (CAA) and PIA for compensation.

On the ground, one child died and two were injured who have also been compensated.

He appreciated the spirit of the people of Karachi who selflessly took out the survivors and the dead bodies from the remains of the plane crash.

AM Sarwar said that it is the responsibility of the incumbent to find out why the people of Pakistan have to bear such tragedies frequently.

He said that the free and fair inquiry report will be presented to the NA within one month of the crash, including the reports of crashes in the near past.

He said that we have repatriated approximately 56,000 stranded Pakistanis through 385 flights.

Furthermore, we brought back 479 dead bodies back to or country, AM Sarwar concluded.

He praised the air force of Pakistan and said that it is one of the most credible and competent institutions in Pakistan.