Agro exports to China will climb up to $50 billion: Trump

By Monitoring Desk
Sunday – October 13, 2019
WASHINGTON (United States): The United States (US) president Donald Trump, on Saturday, announced that China has agreed to increase imports of US agricultural goods from $16 billion annually to $40-$50 billion dollars, for at least two consecutive years.

According to an official statement, Trump, delivering remarks to the media before his marine one departure, appreciated that with this Chinese initiative of purchasing more of US agro products, the farmers in Iowa, Nebraska and across the country will benefit the most.

He cheered that China already has been purchasing US agro products at a higher rate, over the last two weeks than ever before, and with the current deal, that will be made public in three to five weeks, the US farmers can look forward to “buy more land fast and bigger tractors or they are not going to be able to keep up with the order.”

US president Trump, addressing farmers countrywide, hoped, “So, we will hopefully get that done pretty quickly.”

He said, “So, we just made what, I guess, is one of the biggest deals that has been made in a long time, with China” adding “The Vice Premier has just left my office.  We have a great deal.  We are papering it now.”

Trump mentioned that not just the agricultural products but also the technology, banking industry and financial services will reap the most benefits out of the current Sino-US deal.

He admired, “It will be the largest deal ever made for farmers.”

US president confidently expressed, “Oh, they will keep their word.  China is going to keep their word.  They want to make the deal.  They are going to keep their word.”

He disclosed, “The Vice Premier of China just said that the US has gone up trillions of dollars” grieving “China has gone down trillions of dollars.” 

On US decision of sending more troops to Saudi Arabia, US president said, “So we are sending more troops to Saudi Arabia” appreciating “Saudi Arabia is a very good ally, from the standpoint that we get along with them very well” highlighting “A very important player in the Middle East.  The relationship has been very good.”

He reiterated, “And they buy hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of merchandise from us, not only military equipment” adding “In military equipment, about $110 billion.  It is millions of jobs.”

Trump mentioned, “Now, with that being said, we are sending troops and other things to the Middle East to help Saudi Arabia” adding “Saudi Arabia, at my request, has agreed to pay us for everything we are doing. And we appreciate that.”