Kavita: A star is born

  • ISLAMABAD: 'Be active for idleness is the rust of the mind,' is a statement that applies to the active, agile artist of the yesteryear, Kavita.

    Nasreen Rizvi was intelligent and irrepressibly ambitious from her childhood days. Raised in the show business atmosphere, she witnessed the vast scope of the Pakistani cinema as she grew up.

    Going forward, in the innocent girl, director Razzaq, convinced of her enormous acting potential, signed her for his film 'Do badan'.

    Additionally, her name was changed from Nasreen to Kavita which is a baby girl name and which means 'poem,' in Sanskrit. Hence, Kavita debuted in the film 'Do badan' in 1974.

    Her first film proved to be a steppingstone for her future. She is well known for her refined appearance, broad smile and striking beauty.

    Fans remember Kavita's true legacy, her spontaneity. It became all the more obvious in the super hit film 'Teray meray sapnay', directed by Iqbal Rizvi.

    Kavita, much adored Pakistani heart-throb, gained prominence for her appearance in the hit film 'Mohabbat aur mehengai', directed by Iqbal Rizvi.

    Her work just kept getting better. Her acting was superlative in another hit film 'Ye kaisay hua', also directed by Iqbal Rizvi. Pretty soon, Kavita had grown into her name. Equally impressive was her performance in the film 'Parwa nahi', directed by Iftikhar Khan.

    Kavita, with her magnetic personality, continued to mesmerise her admirers. It is a feeling she has given to millions of movie buffs. Four examples below:

    Director Hasan Tariq's films 'Ibadat', 'Nawab Zadi', 'Naag aur nagan', and 'Kaalu'.

    It seems Kavita knew just how to win the hearts of cine-goers. Her natural acting astounded the moviegoers. That vivid sense of reality is characteristic of the girl Kavita has created in her movies.

    Kavita, who is also known for her gracious gestures, gave superb performances in these three films, directed by Jan Mohammad: 'Manila ki bijliyaan', 'Manila kay Jan baaz', and 'Aalami jasoos'.

    Moreover, she is recognised for her romantic acting.

    Director Wazeer Ali's film 'Kabhi kabhi' describes the role she has played in the lives of her myriad of fans. The celebrated actress, Kavita, came out with more interesting roles through the years.

    Adorers were so thankful and thrilled to watch the movies 'Ma'ashara' and 'Aurat aik paheli', directed by Jafar Bukhari.

    The deft actress played by Kavita in director Nazrul Islam Dada's films 'Chakkar', 'Barood ki chaaon' and 'Aandhi', extols the virtues of the written word. She was successful in all instances.

    Kavita garnered more fame after the release of director Iqbal Akhtar's film 'Dil nasheen'. She knew she was all for it.

    She went on to achieve more renown soon after the film 'Anokhi' was released, directed by K. Khurshid. She scaled the heights of popularity through director M.A.Rasheed's film 'Aadmi'. All in all it was a great movie.

    Kavita's performance was outstanding in the film 'Mohabbat aik kahani'. Shabab Kiranvi authoritatively directed it. The high profile reputation she had attained in the 1970s and 1980s as an actress had only increased over time.

    From director Hasan Askari's film 'Sher baaz Khan' to Haider Chaudhry's films 'Mujrim' and 'Paani', her work was magnificent. Moviegoers were treated to a succession of films about prevalent romantic-tragic themes.

    However, the story actually carries the films through to the end. Below are four examples of absorbing two and a half hour movies:

    Director Nazar Shabab's film 'Baaghi haseena', director Zahoor Gilani's film 'Badshah', director Yusuf Bhatti's film 'Dushman ho to aisa' and director Sham's film 'Farzana'.

    Kavita acted in almost all those movies, which were directed by Sangeeta. It would be totally unfair to say that Sangeeta orchestrated Kavita's destiny.

    In fact, it was Kavita's superlative acting, which made her a reputed actress. Further, Kavita's industriousness and Sangeeta's directions led to one success after another.

    Kavita showed her previous propensity in her later films. Three are mentioned here: 'Society girl', 'Mujhay galay laga lo' and 'Ishq ishq'.

    The three films here were the crowning achievement of Kavita as an actress of high caliber: 'Laad pyar aur beiti', 'Muthi bhar chawal'' and 'Mein chup rahoon gee'.

    Kavita, widely acclaimed for her roles in the films, was brilliant and lovable at once. She was instantly distinct as well.

    Here are four sumptuous and stimulating movies, which show her uncommon ability: 'Laal Aandhi', 'Mehel meray sapno ka', 'Mian bewe raazi' and 'Aaj aur abhi.'

    Furthermore, it was the totality of the movie crew's combined form that created one super hit after another. The visual effects were commendable and worth the price of admission.

    The four films here portray the aptitude of the great artist, Kavita: 'Jeenay nahi doon gee', 'Mehendi lagi meray haath', 'Thori see bay wafai' and 'Naam mera budnaam'.

    Kavita earned the Nigar Award for best supporting actress, for the film 'Teray meray sapnay' in 1975.

    Kavita earned the Nigar Award for best supporting actress, for the film 'Society girl' in 1976.

    Kavita earned the Nigar Award for best supporting actress, for the film 'Jeenay naheen doon gee' in 1985.

    Kavita earned the Nigar Award for best actress, for the film 'Barood ki chaaon' in 1989.

    In her 18 year movie career, 1974-1992, Kavita worked in approximately seventy films. She brought countless hours of smile and joy to innumerable people. That is part of one's life's journey.

    25 years ago, Kavita retired from show business and settled in the United States of America (USA).

    Her admirers still feel that something is missing. Her successors continue to shape the Pakistani film industry. We must move on. Realistic, as we are, there is no other way for Pakistani film lovers.